The file is appropriately named ‘benchmark. One nice little addition to UT demo is that it has a built-in benchmark utility. One step forward, two steps back? But it does depend a lot on other variables like what game and what machine is being used and the OP has a habbit of not providing much information, which doesn’t help answer this properly. At the time of their introduction, Nvidia’s main products were the entry-level GeForce 2 MX , the midrange GeForce4 MX models released the same time as the Ti and Ti , and the older but still high-performance GeForce 3 demoted to the upper mid-range or performance niche. As you can see the product positions itself right where it should be, between the Ti and Discussion about old graphics cards, monitors and video related things.

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But he was asking about older games. YouTubeFacebookWebsite.

GeForce 4 series – Wikipedia

When ATI launched its Radeon Pro in Septemberit performed about the same as the MX, but had crucial advantages with better single-texturing performance and proper support of DirectX 8 shaders. Get a better card then a if your upgrading from a mx In consequence, Nvidia rolled out a slightly cheaper model: So your better off with the cooler cheaper card.


The initial two models 44200 the Ti and the top-of-the-range Ti Google [Bot] and 4tk guests. This family is a derivative of the GeForce4 MX family, produced for the laptop market.

There were 3 initial models: As you can see 4hi product positions itself right where it should be, between the Ti and I don’t see the GF4ti being worth wile over a unless your very picky about how splinter cell looks.

GeForce 2 4 MX. It also owed some of its design heritage to Nvidia’s high-end CAD products, and in performance-critical non-game applications it was remarkably effective.

Retrieved April 12, Why go gf4ti and not FX or 6xxx?

All three families were announced in early ; members within each family were differentiated by core and memory clock speeds. As you can see I took a somewhat different approach on benchmarking in this review.

GeForce 4 Ti 4200

DirectX 9 goes mainstreamTech Report, November 27, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Only overclocking the card can make that framerate go higher in that resolution. Retrieved May 15, One possible solution to the lack of driver support for the Go family is the third party Omega Drivers.


Tesla GeForce 8 9 Despite harsh criticism by gaming enthusiasts, the GeForce4 MX was a market success.

The performance level of the MX is absolutely fantastic considering you can pick them up for barely more then the cost of shipping it 4tl they run extremely cool. This caused problems for notebook manufacturers, especially with regards to battery life.

Kepler GeForce The GeForce 4 Ti enjoyed considerable longevity compared to its higher-clocked peers. Be prepared to download MB of data though.

The answer should be: Again you can notice very decent results. In latethere was an attempt to form 42000 fourth family, also for the laptop market, the only member of it being the GeForce4 Go NV28M which was derived from the Ti line.

Run this file, select the resolution you want to benchmark, and it will go through 4 different demos, 2 are “flyby” and 2 are “botmatch” demos.

In motion-video applications, the GeForce4 MX offered new functionality.