It didn’t work pretty well and hence switched to windows and it is still running the latter. My old Commodore64 was better. Dell M Ubuntu 6. It’s running Vista because Ubuntu doesn’t work on it: My Geforce 4 Ti mb died too. Toshiba Satellite A Celeron M 1. No one other than me seems to get Linux, oh well I’m working on it

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What machines that I use over here are as follows.

I’m getting a laptop to add to the toll, but it’ll have to wait till i get some more money. The Celeron D will become an Ubuntu machine and the Xubuntu machine will probably become a firewall.

Foxconn drivers – Foxconn Sound Card Drivers

This is my case. Okayish performance, but had issues with lackluster drivers and bloat. Toshiba Satellite A Celeron M 1. My PC’s specs are: It came with Vista worst OS in the history of computing. Performance is around GT level, a lot cheaper how I got them: After moving to USA at the age of 24, I bought with my own income: Dell Dimension Pentium 4 2. Macbook Pro 15 inch C2D and lovin it.


Just do a search for barebones laptops and you should be able to get one and put it together yourself previous experience inside of a computer would be helpful though. CoolerMaster Stacker Motherboard: Sennheiser PMX60 neckband headphones nothing fancy – didn’t have a lot of money left after my apartment got burgled – lost my dual core PC and everything. The computer I’ve been using most lately is my Frankenstein computer, not much to look at so no photo: Generic piece of crap P4 2.

Foxconn Windows Sound Card Drivers Download

S wow very nice! Pentium Dstock-clock 3. Bought it off Ebay. BT Voyager usb: Just got done dual booting kubuntu with xp but I’m having some problems maybe you can help. I hope ya got a good deal on the QX mrazster, cuz man that is expensive at least everywhere I seen it.

Amd A64 Engineering Sample 2. The Install shield will prompt you the steps to install the driver.


My server a work in progress: AMD 64 2. P3 mhz, mb, nvidia ge-force geForce 120gb hdd, lge 19″ crt. Homebrew from a couple years back. Ibm Thinkpad A31 P4-m 2ghz, mb ram, 40gb hdd, The new Linux only won98 I run is: Currently running an e 3. My beautiful machine, which, in spirit or some suchis about as old as me, known as Ezekiel or Zekey – my flash drive is Zekey Jnr, just for consistency.

Well I guess you just have to work with what you have. It keeps the temps down and has a cool blue LED inside as well.