Even today, the ePhoto is a sophisticated digital camera and somehow seems to stand the test of time. Murphy’s law definitely applies to rechargeable batteries: As with essentially all digital cameras, our strong recommendation is to use NiMH rechargeables: The camera is unusual in design. Smart Home by Gordon Gottsegen Nov 19, The zoom lens and shutter release controls were also well-located, making for an easy-to-use and predictable user experience. Camera crops to center of CCD image area automatically switches to resolution, creating a x pixel image.

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Agfa ePhoto 1680

Toys and Tabletop Games by Bonnie Burton 8 days ago. We’ve vacillated a bit as to how useful digital zoom is, as compared to true optical zoom lenses. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

Although it doesn’t have a flash-sync terminal, it can trigger an external flash unit via “slave trigger” devices, which trip attached strobe units in response to a sudden flash of light. The card will hold 12 images at H or 24 at S. Overall dimensions are 2 x 6. Raise your phone camera game with these useful accessories. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Shutter Lag Time We’ve recently begun measuring shutter-release delay times on digital cameras, since this is an often-overlooked parameter that significantly affects camera usage.

Herewith are the key characteristics of the ePhotoranked in a completely arbitrary order reflecting our own personal biases and dispositions. See our earlier discussion of this feature in the “Exposure” section of this review.


As the name suggests, the flash bar rotates along with the lens, to illuminate the subject regardless of where the lens happens to be pointing. Standard JPEG x We’d like to see an option that lets you set and lock-in a manual white point setting, and then switch between agfq setting and “auto,” without having to re-set the manual white point again.

Overall, we view it as a useful capability when combined with a true optical zoom, but in no way as a substitute for optical zoom in the first place.

Agfa ePhoto digital camera (Chip Shop 10/97)

See the separate section below, for more information on the PhotoGenie technology. Some camera manufacturers have unfairly taken knocks for “poor autofocus” in dim lighting, when the fault in many cases may lie with the photographer for not stabilizing the camera sufficiently.

Jump to the CL30 specifications The user controls are very minimal. Set the self-timer for each picture individually defaults to no delay after each shot is taken.

The result was that a K mode file transferred to the Mac via the QuickLink application in about 28 seconds, including the PhotoGenie processing, vs about 40 seconds for a similar image in PhotoWise, without the PhotoGenie enhancement. Image Storage and Interface Like most digicams these days, the ePhoto has no memory internal to the camera for storing ephooto.

Connections Memory Card Slot. More on this on the next page.

Steves Digicams – Agfa ePhoto CL30 User Review

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. It features a 3-to-1 optical zoom, said to be equivalent to mm on a 35mm film camera and to have a maximum aperture of f2. We’d thus say that the official ISO rating of 60 is quite conservative, and a practical value of or even would be more in line with our own experience. Big kudos to Agfa on this item!


Agfa ePhoto CL18 – digital camera Series

This Lego model is the only Leica camera most of us can afford Classic camera collectors can now build their own Leica models using Lego kits. Manually set the “neutral” value by which all other colors in your images will be evaluated: Shutter Max Shutter Speed.

It uses the same chip as the high-end cameras but in a magnesium alloy body, reminiscent of Fuji’s medium format film cameras. Plug the jack on one end of the serial cable provided to the serial port on the camera, and the other end into the serial port on the computer. Displays data, time and resolution for the picture with a single press, and image number and total number of images with two presses REC mode: For web work, or small printed pieces, it can be quite handy, as a way to crop images at the point of capture, rather than later in an imaging program.

Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman 10 days ago. First is mode x pixels. The swivel lens fitted perfectly into that time era because Casio was successfully marketing them since