Hi jarvin – “dictionary”? Where can I find these? Hey there, I too own an MPK mini. Thanks Stuart, I’ve incorporated most of your suggestions. CEddha Saturday, July 21, at 4: Move the physical knob or fader you just assigned and you will see the corresponding parameter in Reason move simultaneously. Please PM me meowsqueak on the PHeads forums if you want to debug this further.

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Is there an easier way to move within the rack? Are you using Windows or OS X? Once Reason recognizes the control, press OK. Hi Monsieur, sorry to hear that.

Subtractor and modify it to map the controls as you prefer. Brian Tuesday, March 12, at 2: Someone already created the mapping scripts for the MPK Mini mine is mk1 and it works perfectly. SCF Saturday, March 2, at What am I missing?

Have a look and do some googling on that, see what you get. At least with a list I could manually program the editor. Has there been anything that has been found to fix eeason Unknown Wednesday, June 6, at 5: Also, on the subject mlk instructions, I was experiencing the problem with drum pad assignment until this latest update prompted me to read back through the comments.


Thank you so much. I’ll be glad to share the extended map with anyone who would like to try it out. With this, you can assign any control on the Mini to almost any switch, control knob or slider on any Reason device, including Frequency and Resonance controls. The only problem is that the upload button succesfully doesn’t turn green in the editor.

Give it a go – it’s not too tricky: I’m working with the same setup and haven’t figured out much yet.

akai mpk mini reason 5 guide and preset – Future Producers forums

Also, right clicking on any knob in Reason and selecting “Edit Remote Override Mapping” will allow you to assign it to a knob on the controller.

Minj there is some way to change what the scroll wheel does Ensure that you have the latest update of Reason 7 installed. Then the Reason codec should work properly. They are all identical, but I provide four because there’s no way to load a Preset made for slot xkai into, say, slot 3 – you have to use the one that was created in slot 3 originally.


I have the same problem. I have the new mk2 MPK mini.


Works like a dream: Don’t do that here. And if you turn the knob Reason will autodetect.

I don’t see that problem here, maybe something has changed with the mk2? Hey meowsqueak and Rueben!

When this is complete, the display will read. The Win7 path is: My apologies if I missed it somewhere on the page.

Is there some trick I’m not doing? I think that perhaps you haven’t properly loaded the Presets into your device – because by default I think it did what you describe, which led me to do this whole thing in the first place.