Places Of Interest Echo Beach 0. Card works fine, haven’t tried IPv6 yet. This ten year old workhorse is back serving 1TB of media files every day – what a great machine. That will improve over time. This card uses a Realtek chip set and is not to be confused with the same model number without the final -1, which uses a chip from another manufacturer.

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I was misled, repeatedly, and got some very odd suggestions from their support.

Finding an NIC Giga E card for the Mac is nearly impossible now – no one write drivers and I suspect Apple will kill off the remaining expandable Mac going forward – so no incentive for 3rd party companies going forward -Milton ” It’s been a couple years now, but earlier reports here include links to compatible cards and drivers usually Realtek and some natively compatible cards from the past.

Anyway, the Linksys EG card is not recognized without any drivers.

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I use two of them connected to different ISPs, with the builtin Ethernet port talking to my local Mbps network. I am running a MDD dual G4 1.

Didn’t test for deep sleep supportsorry. See bottom of page “Others” section – has OS X So I bought the card. I will let you know if I run into any problems.


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I know this works also in When reporting on PCI cards see if the card supports sleep also. Not a very good bargain huh? After dast lot of troubleshooting, I found out that they don’t work properly with IPv6 enabled. WiFi internet access; landline for local calls; mobile phone winrows. We transitioned the customer that was using these cards over to Panther, Thanks for the great website, this is where I found out enough information and got the confidence to give the SIIG combo card a try!

Works like a charm.

The Tiger machine had a little trouble recognizing the card until I rebooted into single-user mode and ran a file system check, but since then, it’s worked flawlessly. According to Realtek the readme talks about PCI cards it should also work with cardbus adapters. I quickly agreed and “buzz click” it told me the port was now ready. Best regards, Hamish R.

On the other hand, I learned a lot of mostly useless info on the x0 family: Which Netgear card model? Just for the hell of it I called them and was told that over the years they have never gotten a support question from a Mac user.


AsanteFast 10/100 NuBus driver download, free AsanteFast 10/100 NuBus driver download.

Check the specifications of network hardware prior to enabling Jumbo Frames. All the best, and my thoughts are with you regarding your recent loss.

He didn’t include a driver page link but directly below Dlink DGET report is a link to Realtek’s driver page that includes the This model is not currently listed at dlink. The previously posted link to Realtek’s driver page bottom of page’s “other” drivers listing has a v2.

But it’s not dimmed, so one can fxst the different settings. The relevant portion of the output of ioreg -l is: After looking at the driver, I noticed the “Get Info” Version information showed “rtl version 1.

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So, ended up installing the Realtek driver before realizing my error. Dlink even said it would never have support commercial option? One additional bed may be set up in one of the upper floor rooms.