GRACE satellite gravity data is used to estimate terrestrial surface plus ground water storage within the Congo Basin in Africa for the period of April, – May, We expect global hydrological models as WHGM to profit from such accurate outcomes. Unfortunately, the worldwide coverage of the GPS tracking network is irregular, while GRACE provides global coverage albeit with low spatial resolution. Dynamic basin filters yield the smallest errors and highest signal-to-noise ratio. The model has insufficient subsurface characterization and therefore, to reproduce groundwater variability not only in shallow depths but also in deep aquifers, as well as to allow GRACE assimilation, a fourth soil layer of varying depth meters was added in VIC as the bottom layer. Our results, estimated as basin averages, indicate negative trends in the maximums of TWF peaks that reach up to The model- GRACE comparison highlights potential areas of future model development, particularly simulated water storage.

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As an elastic Earth, the surface vertical deformation is in response to hydrological mass change on or near Earth’s surface. Model aspects identified for improvement included a need for better estimation of rainfall in northwest Bhm, and more sophisticated treatment of diffuse groundwater discharge processes and surface-groundwater connectivity for some regions.

In this study, GRACE -derived terrestrial water storage estimates and GLDAS model soil moisture, canopy watersnow water equivalent and surface runoff simulations are used to retrieve the change in the gnm storage over Konya Closed Basin streching over 50, km2 area.

Existing schemes correlate the uncertainty in the modeled monthly TWS estimates with errors in the soil moisture profile state variables at a single instant in the month and then apply the increment either at the end of the month or gradually throughout the month. The model has insufficient subsurface characterization and therefore, to reproduce groundwater variability not only in shallow depths but also in deep aquifers, as well as to allow GRACE assimilation, a fourth soil layer of varying depth meters was added in VIC as the bottom layer.

All these hazards are related to groundwater depletion, which is the result of dramatically increased over-exploitation. Our focus is 202004 sub-surface water storage changes including groundwater and soil moisture variations within six major drainage divisions covering the whole 2024 including its eastern part East cs, Caspian Sea, Centre, Sarakhs, Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, and Lake Urmia.


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The procedure is as follows. However, studies of such effects on a large scale are challenging and compute intensive because they involve fusing a variety of data sets beyond direct measurements from groundwater wells, such as gravity change measurements from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment GRACE or surface displacements measured by GPS receivers. This method facilitates further studies of terrestrial water storage on a global scale. We study how changes in atmosphere moisture stress and coupling of water storage components at different depth impact on the spatial and temporal correlation between TWS, SM and vegetation metrics.

Merging remote sensing data from GRACE with other remote sensing data like satellite altimetry and also ground based observations are important to hydrological model calibration and water balance monitoring of large regions and can serve as either supplement or as vital information in un-gauged regions.

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AWRA estimated trends were less negative for these regions, while a more positive trend was estimated for areas affected by cyclone Charlotte in Improvements in root zone soil moisture were less conclusive, partly due to the shortness of the in situ data record.

First results comparing the mass. Accordingly, monitoring of the groundwater change is critical for sustainable water resources management.

However, the estimation of uncertainties of space-borne products often relies on ground truth data, and in the absence of such data, an assessment of their qualities is a challenge. The role of the largest continental river basins as major locations for freshwater redistribution is highlighted. We determine the annual total water availability for — using the annual variability in GRACE -derived total water boue-03 for 18 major watersheds.

Meanwhile, the present uplifting of Nepal and Himalayas indicates the hydrology mass loss.

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We find that the seasonal water storage tends to saturate for anomalies greater than mm of equivalent water thickness. Given this potential reduction in groundwater recharge, there may be added stress placed on an already stressed resource.


Shamsudduha, Mohammad; Taylor, Richard G. Smaller improvements are seen in the simulation of snow depth, and the impact of GRACE DA on simulated river discharge and evapotranspiration is regionally variable.

This new release RL05 already shows significantly less noise and spurious artifacts.

The results also show a rapid recovery in total water storage from Extreme drought events were detected in four periods at the end ofthe end ofthe end ofand in the middle of Compared with the open-loop no assimilation CLSM simulation, assimilation estimates of groundwater variability exhibited enhanced skill with respect to measured groundwater. The model also quantifies the hysteresis between the snowmelt and the streamflow rates, or the lump time for water travel in the basin.

What makes GRACE unique among Earth Science satellite systems is that it is able to monitor variations de water stored in all forms, from snow and surface water to soil moisture to groundwater in the deepest aquifers. Assimilation offers three key benefits for the viability of GRACE observations to gm applications: Gghm better manage this threat, an improved understanding of the distribution of water stress is required today.

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The continuous GPS CGPS records show surface vertical deformations which are significant information to estimate the variation of terrestrial water storage. Satellite altimetry have been used to derive high resolution point-wise river height in some of the un-gauged rivers in the region by de dedicated retracking to recovers nearly un-interrupted time series over these rivers. The magnitude of water storage decline in the Urmia and Tigris-Euphrates basins is found to be bigger than the decrease in the monthly accumulated Glue-03 indicating a contribution of human water use, as well as surface and groundwater flow to the storage decline over the study area.

A similar decrease is also observed in soil moisture storage especially after