I have rooted the phone, and tried connecting with stock, but rooted kernal the Logitec BT kb, but it now states the phone will not recognize keyboards. In the on or off state the notice will pop up as soon as BT turns on. I am hence hoping that Mike can have the time to look into this difference with Blueinput and update Easyconnect to cover those machines that have the “paired but not connected” problem. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. WiFi Mouse HD free. Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. I finally replaced my aging Optimus V with a new Optimus Slider.

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Hey mikesomething98, I wanted to ask if maybe there is any ,eyboard to get my bluetooth mini keyboard running with your app. So I’m here to 3 things: A Google User Caused my phone to be factory-reset – lost all Last night I tried to see if my tablet bluetooth keyboard would work with my Thunderbolt.

But unfortunately no key presses arrive at my phone It paired but didn’t connect. Hence the keyboard stayed in the pairing state and does not “know” and would not connect to the tablet. The keyboard LED kept flashing which indicated that it was still trying to pair. It would appear to me that while the tablet thought it had all the information and had paired with the keyboard, it “forgot” to send some acknowledgement back to the keyboard.


[APP]Bluetooth Keyboard Easy Connect – Pg. 14 | Android Development and Hacking

Can’t seem to turn the service off! I thought I’d try again this morning XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device!

February 26 17 Signature: Finally I can use it again after a year and a half of it sitting on the shelf! It did the trick.

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Can’t find it right now using a phone but its like 3 files and I had to use the command line every time I wanted to connect my phone to the keyboard. Android Apps and Games. Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture keybkard for any Android device. Simple, direct and do what need to do, just like a progam need to be.

Can you possibly check and see if the button to turn off the service still works?

I got the same “paired but not connected” as several other users. A Google User Latest version is fantastik! The service seems to randomly close and restart displaying the notifications keuboard the service starting and getting super user permissions I saw that while typinnng this message the keyboard sayed connected Bigger issue: In fact, I typed this reply using it.


Caused my phone to be factory-reset – lost all Last night I tried to see if my tablet bluetooth keyboard would work blueimput my Thunderbolt. I’m willing to provide you every necessary information like log files etc Paired but no connected.

BlueInput APK

September 15 15 Signature: I used the root keyboard method which involved copying some files into the phone. Thank you so very much. Messenger — Text and Video Chat for Free.

Recommend ‘English’ setting if using a full sized keybard. The service seems to cause my stock launcher to close in the background so when I hit home all the icons refresh. While we all appreciate the work you have done on this project blueinptu far, it seems as though you have stopped development. I’ve not found anyway yet to work around this, so I’m afraid a hard reset is in order.

I finally replaced my aging Optimus V with a new Optimus Slider. I did send email requests for suggestions but haven’t heard back other than to say help within 4 business days is coming.