Below there are some useful links to explore:. Note If you are concerned about giving calibre access to your email account, simply create a new free email account with GMX or Hotmail and use it only for calibre. You can get help on any individual feature of the converters by mousing over it in the GUI or running ebook-convert dummy. The guys from the Ebook Reader Blog have a simple trick to fix it. A good place to start is to look at the following demo file that demonstrates some of the advanced features html-demo. Drag media file paths and Drop them to automatically create new books within Calibre having dynamically created metadata, plus a copy of the original media file placed into the same directory as the new book.

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My device is non-standard tuch unusual. You can now browse your book collection and download books from calibre to your device to open with whatever e-book reading software you have on your android device.

Nathan June 22, at 3: Send both the above outputs to us with the other information and we will write a device driver for your device.

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Join us for lists, tips, news and fun stuff about books and reading in digital times. Instead use a wireless connection, via the calibre Content server. No one cares about Reading Life, facebook integration, or the home screen design. Try upgrading the firmware on your Kobo Touch to the latest Try resetting the Kobo sometimes this cures the problem for a little while, but then it re-appears, in which case you have to reset again and again Try only putting one or two books onto the Kobo at a time and do not keep large collections on the Kobo.


PDB is also a generic format. A child looks at the middle and then the eye radiates around the page. Temporarily disable your antivirus program disconnect from the Internet before doing so, to kobi safe Look inside the folder you chose for your calibre library. Try a clean install.

This can take some time.

Try using a non-Wacom mouse. There are far higher priority things to do in calibre development.

There are two calirbe that you can connect your Android device to calibre. Books sent to the Kindle only show up on the Kindle after they have been indexed by the Kindle. If you see a file named metadata. Was that ever fixed, or did you find a way to fix it?

10 simple Kobo tips and tricks

With the proper settings you can easily minimize wasted space and remove spaces between paragraphs. Books in the folder are nicely arranged into sub-folders by Author and Title.


In order to convert a collection of HTML files in a specific order, you have to create a table of contents file. You will see a list of all your calibre libraries. The command-line tools have an ebook-convert-txt-input –input-encoding option.

These are typically generated by OCR software. A permission denied error can occur because of many possible reasons, none of them having anything to do with calibre. Compare items in Zotero to books kkbo Calibre. You can manage the authors of a book by the edit metadata toucj.

There is a check box to turn off the update notification, on the update notification itself. Connecting the reader to one library will reset the metadata to what is in that library.

How to Use Calibre With Kobo | It Still Works

Many users neglect to shop DRM-ed books. How do I backup calibre? Specifically, the tutorial explains how to import ebooks ccalibre a memory card.

By default, calibre uses whatever proxy settings are set in your OS. About the Author Melly Parker has been writing sincefocusing on health, business, technology and home improvement.