Cingular claims 4 hours of talk time and up to 6 days standby which are optimistic but not that far off the mark. Input options on the are almost nonexistent. Communication The is fully equipped out of the box to connect to almost any Bluetooth device, although the most popular option will of course be a Bluetooth headset. Even though the lack of a real power button prevented me from turning it off most of the time, it still would last through 3 days of intense use with considerable power remaining. Though not too terrible looking from the front, it does give the device a coffin-like appearance from the back.

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Cingular 2125

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EDGE for good download speeds. The device has Bluetooth 1. The does have a different casing and unlike its two competitors, lacks WiFi. Representative slams colleagues, defends Google 1: The stunning QVGA display is perfect not only for web browsing but photo and document viewing. The got much more talk time than the SDA, a fabulous cingulr hours.

Though the Cingular is a phone first and a PDA second, it has a fairly impressive processor.

Cingular Windows Smartphone Review

Companies that run GoodLink servers can take advantage of the link to GoodLink client software that is preloaded onto the phone.


The Cingular is a quad band world phone that will work anywhere in the world GSM service is available. Plug in the headset to get very good music playback quality. You can transfer over music and video smoothly with Windows Media Player 10, though WMP-synced video appears in a very small window surrounded by black bars.

The has high cinghlar call features such as a Bluetooth Hands Free support, a speakerphone, vibrate, support for call forwarding, call waiting, call barring, and network selection if not blocked by Cingular. And the phone is better all around than the venerable, beloved Audiovox SMTwith a faster modem, newer OS, and higher-res camera. It’s adequate for cinuglar web sites and is a big step up from the world of WAP or even most feature phone browsers with typically poor HTML support.

EDGE speeds, at an average of 80k on the Cingular network in our area, make web browsing bearable if not pleasant. The has a large capacity mAh battery that provides long life equaling that of feature phones. Farewell to tech that died in 1: Everything We Know So Far.

Unlocking Instructions for Cingular 2125

Biggest hacks of 3: The best way to describe the camera is middling. The first 5 things to do with a new Cigular Home speaker 3: The Faraday is also available in a camera-free variant, called the Cingular Razer Phone 2 packs gaming prowess with flagship features.

Cinular as long as you have a cable, any USB port is a charger. While the Cingular can’t compete with Sony Ericsson and Nokia’s top camera phone offerings, it does take ccingular photos suitable for capturing special moments you’d have otherwise missed. Ninja’s coffee maker brews well in many ways 1: The hump is supposed to be an antenna housing, allowing for better radio performance than other similar phones.


Visit our network of sites: Cingular Cingular Cingular The phone is sold locked to Cingular, so those of you who travel overseas will have to pay Cingular’s international roaming rates or call up customer service to get the cijgular unlocked you must be a customer in good standing for at least three months before Cingular will provide you with an unlock code.

Internal MiniSD slot Docking: Overall, my first experience with a Windows Mobile Smartphone was pretty good. Google Mobile was second at 25 KB.

A two way rocker on the phone’s left side controls earpiece volume and the button just above it launches Comm Manager which allows you to quickly turn Bluetooth and the ringer on and off as well as initiate an ActiveSync. As always, the best advice is to not use the digital zoom, as it only makes the pictures fuzzier.