It combines ease and speed More information. The DataMate displays a low battery warning when voltage drops to 5. Troubleshooting Guide for Installers and Call Center 1. Instruction Manual Firmware version: Every installation has a two-part identifier consisting of a site and an installation. This manual, as well as the software More information. A graph of checksums shows very clearly whether checksums are consistent or not.

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Solvents contained in such products will attack the neoprene inserts in the connectors. Wait for the numbers to stabilize. The case is sealed against condensation and humidity, and the bright, backlit display is visible under all lighting conditions. You should see increasing voltage value.

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Then the DataMate prompts for a previous survey. The DataMate displays a menu. Use of Operation Manual. However, the DataMate does provide the standard deviation of checksums, which can be used as a measure digitjlt reading quality, as explained below. A large checksum may also be caused by debris in the groove, an out-of-round casing section, a separated casing section, or a wheel falling in the joint of a telescoping casing section.


Digitilt DataMate II

If you don t know, check the distance between the upper and lower wheels dwtamate the probe: A diamond appears next to the depth. If so, the survey is probably good and needs no further validation. A bad reading does not fit with the readings above and below it. This is a multiplex device which incorporates the temperature monitoring and control. Digiti,t 0 orand scroll the DataMate to the required depth.

Press Right to move to the next column. Go to the Surveys menu. Retrieving Surveys The operator connects the DataMate to a PC and runs DigiPro2, which retrieves the surveys and stores them in a database for quick access.

Continue 0 Done Del Remove digiyilt two screws divitilt the bottom of the case. Since the initial survey represents good set of readings, the standard deviation of checksums for that survey can be used as a typical SD for that installation. It can also display tilt readings from the portable Digitilt tiltmeter. After poly fuses reset connect power. Wait ten minutes for the probe to adjust to the temperature at the bottom. The RH measures and displays Temperature, More information.


In the More information. The reading just recorded is now on the bottom line. Continue recording just as you would in a normal survey. System Memory Specification p. If the readings do not stabilize, watch the display and try to record an average reading.

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Andrea di Rovereto 33 c. Readings are very high, for example 12, Enter 12 for a displacement in inches with English unit data.

Return for servicing if memory power is bad. The DataMate prompts for a previous survey. You will see three diamonds, as shown below. Dahamate read carefully and follow all warnings and instructions in More information.