The OSX version is at version 2. All used machines come with a full guarantee and include the latest oXYgen software version or a version of your choice to suit your operating environment. With the Toolkit System you can drop films anywhere on the scanning bed without being concerned about location or registration. This highly advanced software tool can also be used for digital descreening, and digital descreening of printed material. Far better resources are the Scan Hi-End group on yahoo and the Large Format Photography forum, which has many pro scanner users. Thanks for the replies.

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For more information see Oil Mounting Station. If you are looking to buy a used iQsmart scanner or EverSmart scanner on the open market please consider the following before taking the plunge The software itself is more difficult to find. Anyone here using one?

EverSmart Scanner Options –

All scanners are purchased subject to condition, age, history and inspection. Top condition, looks like new. March 24, Developed by Creo, the oXYgen Dot and oXYgen Dot Toolkit software utilise advanced algorithms from the premium Creo Renaissance eversnart system to achieve crisp, perfect, high quality results. In most cases we take back scanners that we have previously sold and maintained so that we are completely confident about their condition and history.


Refurbished Flatbed Scanners

The scanner list below changes frequently so it is always worth giving us a call on to check used stock availability. I have to check on the software version that was last made for this scanner, as Version 2.

Evanjoe Newbie Offline Posts: Scanned on iQsmart 1 File size 44mb. Later versions of oXYgen also contain many new features to help you improve your scanning results. Toolkit then automatically matches the separations perfectly without operator intervention.

Replacement bulb evresmart all EverSmart scanners. Thanks for the replies. Full digital descreening technology provides the ability to descreen halftones and to repurpose copydot contone files for proofing and other applications without rescanning.

High-end scanners are fireiwre delicate pieces of technology that require careful treatment and care. All model variants can utilise the offline Oil Mounting Station whereas certain software options and upgrades might only be applicable to individual scanner models as specified below. Here in Iceland the Kodak representative is bankrupt and did not much more than distribute Kodak film while in business.

The Scitex scanners are fantastic scanners, too bad Kodak couldn’t keep it going.

This scanner is an absolute bargain. With the Toolkit System you can drop films anywhere on the scanning bed without being concerned about location or registration. The scanner is now in my possession and I’m back on getting it to work.


Evers,art have attached the correct scanner brochure for this model. I have a Scitex Eversmart Pro 2 scanner laying around unused here at work and would like to get it up and running. Copyright – CPS Limited. December 29, Great condition scanner for the money.

Used iQsmart & EverSmart Scanners –

You can buy such scanners with complete confidence and our recommendation. Works with OSX up to A spare standard base glass is included with forewire Oil Mounting Station package that is uncoated.

Single bulb used for either transparent or reflective use. If you are considering a used iQsmart scanner you might also want to take a look at the iQsmart Oil Mounting Station and other iQsmart Options that might be available to enhance the performance of your machine. So contacting them would probably lead us nowhere.