I tried both the Optiforce Drivers and had similar results with the CC driver, It ballooned like crazy since it was fairly windy. Absolutely the best driver I’ve ever owned. My son is so upset he no longer wants to play golf. Your email address will not be published. Martin Aug 10, at 8: For that reason, I felt more confident with the G drivers in my hands.

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Callaway FT Optiforce 460 Driver 10.5* Graphite Regular Left 46 in

It provided the stiffness he needed for straighter drives, but offered a smoother feel Note: The result was a smaller average distance gain with his new TaylorMade, but still an impressive one. Cons I struggled to control what felt like a longer shaft as standard.

New aerodynamically efficient heads and light premium shaft offerings create the lightest drivers Callaway has ever released.

Your email address will not be published. The cc head is the faster through the air as it is smaller but it would be nice to have cc performance in a slightly larger head. Even though the Project x 5. Great sounding club, easy to groove into the sweet spot.

It also has a slightly higher centre of gravity making it an easy launch club that creates a slightly higher flying shot, compared to the smaller headed option.


Looks The finish is glossy black, which I like. Darrin told TaylorMade Fitter Jason Werner he needed a higher ball flight to cut the corners of the doglegs at his home course, where he plays 95 percent of his golf.

Callaway FT Optiforce Drivers: Editor Review – GolfWRX

The ball seems to jump off the face and the sound at impact is among the best optiforcw there right now. Unlike the Titleist driver, both rings rotate on the shaft instead of just one so those of you who like the shaft logo in a certain place or to align the shaft for technical reasons can do so.

The lighter weight instills a feeling of power and speed. I was choking up on it just to get a feel for the club. The Optiforce uses both rings to combine to give a neutral or draw setting opttiforce can be adjusted done one degree or up one or two degrees.

Chris Aug 20, at The two changes had George hitting high-launching, low-spinning bombs that barely had any curvature.

The Story Behind Callaway’s FT Optiforce Driver

It is certainly lighter. The guy selling the shaft a had similar problem, except this shaft was too stiff for him. The was significantly longer yards with my measly swing speed. Especially with thethe driver almost felt too light until I actually took my first swing.


I saw an average of a 1. With the 43g shaft option, I would say the bulk of people who swing around the mph range should see the biggest benefit. Callaway set out to create faster swing speeds and transfer that speed into faster ball speeds and more distance. BcavWecllh Oct 1, at It is by far very long and forgiving.

Callaway FT Optiforce Driver Review – Golfalot

The Fusion Technology FT combines a Forged Compostie head with a titanium face that feels very good and provides a nice crisp impact sound at impact. Lawrence Williams Aug 10, at 2: The does not. Golfers of all skill levels can find something good in both optifroce, especially golfers looking for a higher launching more forgiving club. I think that now a lot of players have tested the club over a longer period and that might bring some interesting information that I can use.

I just trialed a bunch of Callaway drivers, and finally chose the Opti-Fit Vic Karter Mar 15, at One fitting doesnt give all the answers.