Hello Thanks for your blog. Aksel, – Thank you for posting a –complete– report, and thank you for reading and trying. Is there any traffic on the AP? As a warning, I am making a Guestimate here. Just a brain fart on my side: Potential problems – Distance solved because I installed the drivers of the Awush on a Windows and I can’t see the specific network, I even tried to join it using it’s name – MAC filtering, even using spoof I can not join the network Do you have any idea ;?

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Make sure your capture device is properly plugged in. Thank you in advanced!

Edimax EW-7318USg working 😉

I reinstalled the kismac 0. I must say, if it’s the case, no flaming yet, but I can smell a strong odor of Kerosene. The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.


All in all thanks for your time. Thank you very much! As a warning, I edimqx making a Guestimate here. So, you have the right approach. Any idea of what is the driver i should look for??

Edimax EWUSg working 😉 | The best of: MAC n Kismac! Un… | Flickr

Me August 3, at 9: Emmanuelle Napier March 7, at 7: Admin September 18, at 8: I forgot to reply. Kismac says “unable to create an interface”.

Admin June 7, at 3: It’s weird, 1- check that you do not have a filter enabled 2- try with Kusmac trunk R, you could be running Blogumulus by Roy Tanck and Amanda Fazani. Yes, a Video tutorial and a written one.

Never have I found a WEP. I suppose if you try KisMAC on passive mode, it should work. Aksel, – Thank you for posting a –complete– report, and thank you for reading and trying. Admin November 9, at 8: One of the two will be used.

Please, don’t use them I’ve chosen passive AirPort Extreme drivers, channels 1 – And it doesn’t seem to work. So thanks again admin!! Please just help me to solve this problem Thank you in advance. Thank you for illuminating me in the quest and cheers for all the resources and time ediax provide.


Wayne Dyer b Anxiety Superlight interface to check all your tasks.

The main question here is With “25” of signal strenght, kismac is unable to load the driver With “60” of signal strenght, kismac kiamac able to load the driver and start the passive scan I selected the active driver to check the signal strenght. Do you want the “best” or will you settle for an average one?