Clearing jams Lift the green handle, and then pull the toner cartridge out of the printer. We encourage the recycling of our products. Check the original file for manual page From the home screen, navigate to: Page 32 Additional printer setup Unpack the optional tray, and then remove all packing material. Page Maintaining the printer Pull the cartridge out of the printer using the handle.

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Wipe All Settings securely removes device settings, solutions, jobs, and passwords from the printer memory. Tighten the screws on the shield.

Lexmark M5100 Series

For more information, see the instruction sheet that came with the part. Complex page, some data may not have printed [39] Try one or more of the following: Don’t show me this message again. Step 2 Go to step 3.

Connecting The Printer Using The Wireless Setup Wizard Additional printer setup security information for your network, then see the documentation that came with the access point, or contact lexmadk system support person. Print samples on labels being considered for use before buying large quantities.


Tray 1 is the factory default setting.

Step 2 The problem is solved. When the limit is reached, the print jobs for that user name and PIN are deleted. Additional printer setup Use the two provided screws to attach the printer hard disk mounting bracket.

Page – Internal solutions port does not operate Troubleshooting Incompatible tray [x] [59] Try one m500 more of the following: Release the buttons only when the screen with the progress bar appears.


Page Troubleshooting Action Step lexmadk Go to step 2. Remove any packing material from inside the tray. Using M Indicator light color and its corresponding printer status Indicator light Printer status The printer is off or in Hibernate mode.

Using M and M Put the A5 length guide in its holder. Executive x mm 7.

Page Using M Type of memory Description Volatile memory Your printer uses standard random access memory RAM to temporarily buffer user data during simple print jobs. Custom Type [x] is Transparency the factory default setting for all other trays. Check if the internal option is selected. Using M and M Reduce printer noise. Close the stapler door. Page Using M Touch the arrows to specify the number of copies for printing, and then touch Print.


When a user exceeds that number, all of the jobs for that user are deleted.

Lexmark M5100 Series User Manual

Select your country or region, and then select your product to view the appropriate support site. Selecting a location for the printer Right side mm 12 in. This feature is available only in network printers or printers connected to print servers.

Energy Reduce energy use, especially when the printer is idle. Recycling The foam used in Lexmark packaging is recyclable where foam recycling facilities exist. Make sure the paper is loaded properly. Troubleshooting Action Step 1 Go to step 2. Insert the tray into the base. However, the following paper choice guidelines will help alleviate the environmental impact of printing: