The drive burned MB worth of data in 2 minutes and 43 seconds, which calculates to a speed of A 4x rated Value Disc media -R was detected as 8x capable. To this day it is one of my best burners. The drive also uses the RPC II region control, allowing a user to change the drive’s region at most 5 times. My 8 year old drives does this in a fraction of this time! Another drive also a liteon could not read at all.

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I bough this burner over a month ago.

Probably I would have gotten better prices by buying it on line, but I wanted to have local warranty for it. Rated this writer 6 of D01 comments, 0 good0 mixed1 poor. I have KS0B firmware installed and using Nero 7. I can somehow see the philosophy of this company. So I mounted it in an external USB2 drive enclosure – it works.

Lite-On SOHWS DVD Writer – VideoHelp

Lets see if its up to the standards I get from my Plextors. Here it is the other way round. 1693w DVD Videos that you rent at Blockbuster are dual layer discs although pressed, not created with a laser. The drive is also capable of handling CDs as well, so it can replace a CD writer in your system. How fast an optical drive reads a DVD disc is an important benchmark for the drive.


I think that Liteon is working for Sony too. Or I have a CD teaching a language. Absolutley no problem with it.

LiteOn S: Does Their Latest Drive Have “The Right Stuff?” – LIVEdigitally

I finally decided to test DL burning capabilities of lite-kn. One time I had to change a DVD-drive 5 times to get a working one… It was my Thinkpad drive…what now has been working excellent for many years.

While I love the drive, I have to rate it a 7 overall. I am just a few weeks shy of 4 years on this drive. System Requirements Details Lite-oh Type.

Lite-On SOHW-1693S DVD Writer

I do not have to wait endless until the write of the DVD and the data check is finished. My NEC was even better handling this liye-on. Most hurts me that I cannot read many CDs. While all discs have some errors, when the recipe is pite-on between drive, media, and firmware, the errors are much less, and the disc is much more likely to play in DVD players without difficulty.


Protected Disc Tests – Reading Lite-ln 6. I have burned hundreds of discs with it. So there is some improvement. Write Performance The list of recommended media from the manual is as follows. I chose to replace the drive in my computer, others may wish to add it to their computer with an available slot and keep their old drive installed as well.

Post your DVD Media comments here. I can help myself using the network and the Thinkpad drive.

LiteOn SOHW-1693S – DVD±RW (±R DL) drive – IDE Series

Optical Storage Form Factor. There are even huge differences between media of the same 169s. If you use the media listed in this post http: Basically it does not handle well cheap, but common, CMC media when using Lite-on official firmware.

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