Who won Survivor David vs. China’s Supreme Court to take on intellectual property cases. It took four months. While the lines are painted, the Rangers logo and advertisements are vinyl. It would seem as if maintaining a ft by 85ft sheet of ice would be harder in the spring, since it is warmer and more humid outside — better weather for putting ice in drinks. Is Starbucks open on New Years’ Day? Photo courtesy of the New York Rangers.

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This is just another aspect of what utility workers do here. Although a Zamboni has headlights — because, of course, a driver might have to take it outside to dump the snow — these lumbering vehicles are not built for the road. How does the ice get there?

DeSean Jackson coming back? The Garden got its first Zamboni not long after the machine was invented, and it was driven faithfully, for years, by a man named Joe Crotty. Ice resurfacing has come a long way since Frank Zamboni had his brainstorm.

Smooth operators: New York Rangers’ Zamboni drivers enjoy sports’ coolest job

Could Mitch Marner be had? As Curtis and Durkin do their job, the children play to those fans who have not wandered off for a snack. Recommended Slideshows 56 Pictures.

The ice surfaces include a byfoot hockey and speed skating rink, a byfoot family and figure skating rink and a byfoot “kiddie” rink. The Zambonis are fine-tuned by mechanics from New Jersey.


But he has become so attached to his machine over the years that he called the Zamboni company when he was in Southern California to see if he could drop by.

This is the fun time of year.

Curtis, who now lives in the New York suburb of Yonkers, was working in a concrete union when he had a chance to join the utility staff at the Garden. But the Garden drivers, in blue Rangers windbreakers, become celebrities in their own way without having to take such an epic journey. Considering the heightened stakes of the games, it would seem as if the job is pressure-packed at this point of the season. They are among a crew of full-time utility workers at the Garden, with many responsibilities starting well before the game.

Egyptian forces kill 40 suspected militants after tourist bus bombed 5m. Brazil’s president-elect plans decree allowing wider gun ownership 1h. But then he got sick, so Reynolds, not exactly a hockey fan, took the helm.

Durkin says the Zamboni comes nowhere close to its top speed while resurfacing, but the thrills apparently come in other ways as he completes his resurfacing task. Both Durkin and Curtis have been apart of the Rangers ice crew for over madiison years, working together like a well-oiled machine despite being from opposite sides of the Atlantic.

Is Starbucks open on New Years’ Day? Recommended Slideshows 30 Pictures. But the job certainly has its perks, especially for the two men that have worked a combined 59 years in the building.


The Rangers have qualified for the Stanley Cup playoffs for the seventh straight season and for the 11th time in 12 years, which means Curtis and Durkin, who have other responsibilities in the utility crew, extend their Zamboni time. Berge volunteers his time at the sports center, which is in Muskegon County’s Laketon Township just northwest of Muskegon.

It’s used maison establish the initial bases of ice and to level their surfaces, Rudicil said. About 90 minutes before a game the crew emerge from an office a half-level squate from the event level at the Garden, five floors above the street. So the core thickness stays the same. He has missed four games in 30 years, all because of maxison in the family. If there are any imperfections, they have to go out and fix it. Is Wawa open on New Year’s Day?

Rides on the Zamboni Machines Now On Sale |

Here, the Zamboni drivers get lots of help. Everything but hockey, that is. Zamboni finds new home in Muskegon Volunteers have spent three years refurbishing the ice cleaner. But only Durkin was driving the Zamboni at the time.