This section only covers configuration details specific to this driver. Note On some laptops using the chipset MagicGraph XD the following options are needed to avoid a lock-up of the graphic engine: So in theory you write one driver which implements the software side of the standard according to the documentation, and all conforming hardware will work. Well, no OS is perfect. However, I think that hardware compatibility is something so important that it should be visible from the haiku project page itself.

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Listdev would give all the hardware info for a computer. FWIW, people do submit unsupported hardware to the hardware database.

At least not presently but maybe later on. I may not get to networking for 2 or 3 months but I may do something simple to give general magicbraph sooner than that. This mode is unaccelerated. Sorta like a supported driver matrix page. The Haiku code includes some examples of such additional code, covering some very popular devices, but it looks rather less than comprehensive.

CONFIG_FB_NEOMAGIC: NeoMagic display support

Radeon Original r to Radeon X r s3: Increased visibility would result magicgrpah more people getting hardware support information and potentially more people contributing to it. Thus probably anyone with a modern Intel HDA device which is most new laptops and desktops gets this driver selected. Granted, I probably should have looked around more and I may have ended up finding the supported hardware page on haikuware myself.


I just wanted to say thanks for looking into this and making driver support more clear.

NeoMagic MagicGraph V Free Driver Download () –

The codecs have unique hardware identifiers similar to PCI devices, so that the OS need only load driver software for the codecs used in the installed device. We could make a database of hardware, and assign these problems to relevant tickets, or get a developer to take a quick look if nothing similar has been posted yet.

At least, I was able magicgraaph do the rest of them. Sorry, just saw you mentioned only PCI. I could set something up, like what you mention in the meantime. The Haiku driver roughly follows this approach, its probe function matches any PCI device which has the class information indicating it implements Intel Magicbraph. However, I think that hardware compatibility is something so important that it should be visible from the haiku project page itself.

Developers only look at those having trouble and reporting it and the rest they assume are working well with OS or program and do not care about their info. When it is later put on the image, I can just republish it later.


The following driver Options are supported Option “NoAccel” ” boolean “. That way people do not expect them to be already present in Haiku. The network has 35 drivers and will take some time to go through.

Re: X-windows with NeoMagic MagicGraph 128V

I will do audio over next few days. Just because a driver is supposed to support certain hardware listed below does not always mean it will. Please refer to xorg. I took shortcut for Radeon, Geforce, etc. Now back to wired. I have seen this, and not added the commented out ones. Submitting hardware information to Haiku would be easy to do and can be handled with a script.

Then group the not working drivers together in separate categories and try to fix the issues. So, I am kinda iffy on hda. Section “Device” Identifier ” devname ” Driver “neomagic” People should know where their model fits in hopefully. The driver supports depths 8, 15, 16 and 24 for all chipsets except the NM which does not support depth