Is the battery interchangeable among all Makita battery products? As the grinding wheel stops, the gears and motor are protected. After your initial investment in the hardware, there is no cost. Can I install blades in my Makita planer to make decorative molding? Always use genuine Makita.

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Can I use my battery charger with a power inverter? BL and BLB. What is the advantage in buying a 12″ slide compound miter saw over a 10″ slide compound miter saw?

Find your closest dealer by choosing the Buy Local button at the top of the Makita web page or on any product detail page. A User Name can further identify the Terminal to the particular person or project. Makita makes a range of drywall screwdrivers with a variety of features for different applications.

I changed my Registration Cross pin and bought a new battery, and I can’t program it. If applied properly, both types of sanders can be effective per their specific applications. Note that the PIN must be assigned to each battery before you can set the lock-out schedule.

I am going to be putting down new deck boards using 4″ screws. Please contact the Makita U. Yes, each nyt has a separate part number for the engine. When drilling into concrete what is the difference between a hammer drill and a rotary hammer? Another option is a high torque corded screwdriver, with RPM being best for deck tlols. When cutting wet or when cutting steel, the foam pre-filter should be cleaned weekly or every 25 operating hours never use compressed makia to clean the filters.


You will be taken to the product detail page of the model entered.

With the Terminal connected or un-connected to your computer or laptop — and with 9.66v side-switch on Registration — simply slide on an un-programmed battery onto the Terminal. Can I install blades in my Makita planer to make decorative molding?

Makita BFLF Right Angle Cordless v NUTRUNNER Screwdriver Torque Control | eBay

Makita power cutters come with a five-stage filter system with Tiols Directional Air Flow for increased performance and easy maintenance. On my Makita belt sander does it matter how I install the belt? How can I order parts for my Makita products? This precaution will help prevent down time during battery changes. This ensures faster processing of multiple batteries.

In addition, 4-cycle equipment has reduced exhaust emissions over 2-cycle equipment. Does “over discharging” have a negative affect on the battery? What do the lights on the Terminal mean? Can I get the engine complete for Makita generators?



Remember to first de-program all of your batteries by setting the Timer Cross Pin to the default setting of four zeroes 0 0 0 0and swiping all batteries. The foam pre-filter should be checked and cleaned daily or at least every four operating hours when cutting with high dust amounts.

How do I have a product or technical support question answered? Can I use motor oil in my chain saw instead of bar oil? None of Makita’s job site radios are equipped to charge batteries. Assign lock-out schedules to your batteries.

Swivel fitting is provided with thread seal, eliminating the need for sealing tape or paste. You will require a computer or laptop with a USB port running Windows 7 or 8 series operating system.

This will result in: How often should I change or clean the air filter on my power cut saw?