This is more difficult task. Thanks in advance for your help! Developer Shed eSupport Commented my. Otherwise you have two ways: Working with Access is painful. For this purpose required additional packages and configuration.

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Sign up using Facebook. Because csv is extremely simple. Otherwise lib and binary become incompatible.

Once we got the software installed and we also already had the unixodbc software installed I found that I also needed to manually update ODBC. Second variant can help in odc if multiple installed version of Java. In this case – good luck! List of layers can be obtained by ogrinfo tool: For standard DB with unicode all works fine.

Package: odbc-mdbtools (0.7.1-2)

I can’t execute query over DB with Russian table names using mdb-sql. Console run for certain mdb file through following command: ORG is extremely powerful tools; an ability to work with Mdgtools Access is a small piece of a huge amount of formats; full list of supported formats presents on GDAL official site.


This gem provide a DSL for working with mdb files. Hope, this will save time for someone. Here are more details on the problem: MDB support appears in 1.

But any works with adapters for ActiveRecord ended near year.

Below I describe both ways. Here is a small manual:. For me, all works with any latest version of commons-logging 1. I know this is an ancient thread, however I found it on google and I’m having the same trouble.

But there is less information about this. I can’t find where that is! Well, in order to get the ODBC driver you have to compile from source, but I’m running in other problems with the driver The real n-tier system: Therefore, initial task is follows: So, if you know how to get it work with any nongeo mdbplease, say about this for example in comments.

As I understand, there is an project called Jackcess Encrypt. For example, if you end a command with semicolon you get an error.


Index of /mirror/cygwin/x86_64/release/mdbtools/odbc-mdb

If I try a dsn-less as suggested connection can I specify the direct path for the driver rather than what appears to be a dsn name. Otherwise occur an error during package generation. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. So, you can improve GDAL in this direction. Couldn’t parse SQL” error. There is an easy way to do that with simple java application which uses Jackcess library. Details about this approach can be found here. So, lets take a look on available variants.

If all goes right, in output must appear information about MDB format.