We have it as part of a FEMA radio set up which it seems to work well. You cannot use the Signalink with additional isolation transformers as the audio path gets attenuated too much. Currently have an old Signalink in pieces while I cut out the isolation transformers then rewire with a differential radio interface. Great radio with great accessories. Shop for Electrical Products: It seems to not screw up callsigns when calling stations which is a plus: Whether you are looking for commercial lighting to lit your factory space or cables to power your engines, ShopElect is just one stop destination to source your electrical products.

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MiCOM E2 – USB to RS Cable for MiCOM Px2x Protection Devices | Ghandourah Attijariah Est

Also top-notch is the squelch: The squelch is fantastic and the noise blanker is great. These fill files are set up for mciom in USA. ALE works fine but beyond trying it have not yet found a use yet.

With some software from another ham made a home made control head for the headless ones. On-air SSB ,icom with a couple people who were Navy radio ops say it has with the stock mic the somewhat nasal, in-your-face, TX audio quality characteristic of military SSB.

MiCOM E2 | Schneider Electric

Programming By Computer The Micom 2 and Micom 3 radios are designed to be programmed by a computer before being put into service. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Been using them for 4 years as disaster recovery backup communications for control room operation.


This is not an official Micom site. It is in a go pack with everything. The rss file should be loaded first and then the ale file. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Audio reports are always great. If you ordered a hamburger from Motorola, you’d starve. The Micom 2BF is “B” for “basic” and “F” for front panel, as opposed to a trunk mount system they also manufacture.

I do occasionally use it in frequency mode, as I’m mostly on set frequencies e. No VFO knob, right. New to Ham Radio?

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The radio supports voice, data, e-mail and fax solutions. Power out good, can be set on freq easily. If this is an issue fellows, please feel free to remove this review. As mentioned by others, the radio gets quite warm just receiving, much less transmitting, and I thought that laptop-cooler tray idea was a great one, I’m doing the same micon.

For Hams who don’t intend to use the hardware ALE or who don’t intend to put a lot of frequencies in the available memories, I’d say this radio isn’t for you. We highly recommend that you seek professional technical service for programming your radio if you are unfamiliar with the complex firmware, software, hardware, and interfacing issues involved.

At ShopElect, we offer huge discounts for cables, motorsswitchgears, industrial lighting from time to time. Medium Voltage Technical Guide For electrical professionals who prescribe, design, install, operate, inspect, and maintain electric networks in compliance with the latest IEC standards covering medium and low voltage offers.


But the transmitted signal is “NTIA compliant” in terms of being 2. And this is my one and only beef, and why I gave the 2BF a “4”. It is important to understand the limitations and micok available for the radio you are using, before starting to program the channels and features.

But really, very solid, unbeatable, tough. To me, the receive audio just isn’t, for lack of a better term, “friendly”. R2 in all, a great, robust, do-enough radio for what I wanted. I had to run a jicom on it, but I just received a laptop cooling tray which the Micom nicely sits on. The number of soundings received, the number of callsigns not garbled, and the scanning, appears to run rings around software-driven ALE, at least compared to my TSSD using software ALE.

The channels and ALE features can be programmed by the ham radio operator.

Whether you are looking for commercial lighting to lit your factory space or cables to power your engines, ShopElect is just one stop destination to source your electrical products.