Users can install either single- or double-sided modules to meet their own needs. When you select Load High Performance Defaults, a message as below appears: If you find the PC appears to be unstable or reboot incidentally, it’s better to disable the Dynamic Overclocking or to lower the level of overclocking options. Locate the CPU and its retention mechanism on the motherboard. Alternatively, please try the following help resources for further guidance.

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Front Panel Audio Connector: Jaud1 – Msi P Neo-V Series User Manual [Page 30]

Then push down the power supply firmly into the connector. For better PCI performance, mmsi should set the item to higher values. Use of high performance defaults will tighten most timings to increase the system performance. Selecting [Auto] allows the mainboard to detect whether an audio device is used.

To attach the fiber-optic cable to optical SPDIF jack, you need to remove the ksi from the jack first. It introduces a 66MHz, bit channel for the graphics controller to directly access main memory.

Trademarks All trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. The S-Bracket offers 2 SPDIF jacks for digital audio transmission one for optical fiber connection and the other for coaxialand 2 analog Line-Out jacks for 4-channel audio output.

20 Most Recent MSI P Neo-V (MS) Pentium 4 Questions & Answers – Fixya

Suspend Time Out Minute If system activity is not detected for the length of time specified in this field, all devices except CPU will be shut off. Hardware Setup Hardware Setup This auvio tells you how to install the CPU, memory modules, and expansion cards, as well as how to setup the jumpers on the mainboard. It was filled with crap so I decided it is a better option to format it.


Resume On PME This field specifies whether the system will be awakened from power saving modes when activity or input signal of the specified hardware peripheral or component is detected. If the CPU is correctly installed, the pins should be completely embedded into the socket and can not be seen. Please turn off the power and unplug the power cord before installing the CPU.

MSI 848P Neo-V Realtek ALC Series AC97 Audio Driver for XP 64

Do you think it is one of the audio drivers problems, too? If set to Setup, password prompt only occurs when you try to enter Setup. If the mainboard has a System Hardware Monitor chipset on-board, you must use a specially designed fan with speed sensor to take advantage of the CPU fan control.

Answered on Sep 24, As the CPU is likely to move while the lever is being closed, always close the lever with your fingers pressing tightly on top of the CPU to make sure the CPU is properly and completely embedded into the socket. Even though the Dynamic Overclocking Technology is more stable than manual overclocking, basically, it is still risky. Also, it provides the instructions on connecting the peripheral devices, such as the mouse, keyboard, etc. BIOS Setup defaults provide stable performance settings for all devices and the system, while High Performance defaults provide the best system performance but may affect the system stability.


If you find the PC appears to be unstable or reboot incidentally, it’s better to disable the Dynamic Overclocking or to lower the level of overclocking options. You can connect a network cable to either LAN jack.

The specification of hard disk drive will show up on the right hand according to your selection. Pull the lever sideways away from the socket. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment.

Follow the instructions below to clear the data: This is probably a piece of cake for you guys, but this one is killing me.

As I said in the first post of the thread, I’ve been to bios several times and onboard audio is set to auto like it should: Answered on Sep 27, You may need to run the Setup program when: Cpu If you do not have the heat sink and cooling fan, contact your dealer to purchase and install them before turning on the computer.

When you power up audil computer pressF2 or “del aydio to enter in bios. Not recommended setting and the system may be unstable. Refer to the hard disk documentation supplied by hard disk vendors for jumper setting instructions.

XP activation but no hardware changes Feb 29,