Just as a side note, I’ve even gone as far as resetting the cable modem as well yes, I know it may be kinda pointless, but I’m desperate, I’ll try anything! May 8, Posts: Nov 29, Posts: Initially, it connected at Mbps, but states it supports We have another custom-build PC as our router running Ubuntu Server 9. Oh, and yes, I rebooted each time in between.

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Feb 9, Posts: Honestly, at this point, I’m not sure if I’m making progress or digging a deeper hole I changed NO settings, no ports, no ethernet cables Glad you got it all nailed down.

What if you directly connect two of the computers to each other? This particular issue just doesn’t make sense to me!!!

To me, this ruled out the OS. Still only connects at Mbps, although I can select 1. System 3 completely different hardware, but still has an nVidia nForce chip set: The machine always connecting at 1. Mon Nov 30, Yes Advertised link modes: The gigabit ethernet spec specifies 801e you should always autonegotiate switch ports and NICs.


Like I said, I’ve trolled the internet for a solution 1000 racked my brain for FAR too long for this not to work.

Realtek PCIe Gigabit Ethernet 10//M Network Driver Driver – TechSpot

I saved this one for last because I still don’t believe it We have another custom-build PC as our router running Ubuntu Server 9. Booted a live CD of Ubuntu 9. I’ve reset the switch several times, and everything just re-establishes its connection at the same speeds mostly Mbps.

Trying to force it to in Linux still only connects it at Like I said earlier, I made a loopback cable. What really confuses me is the 1 PC that is getting 1.

Sun Nov 29, 9: Moving on to abulafia’s suggestion, I made a cross over cable and verified it by hooking up the ‘working’ PC to the switch. The other computers still only connect at Mb.

Do you get link if you manually specify 1Gb?

Gigabit cards only connecting at 100Mbps

It still connects at 1. No dice on ANY of these.


Jan 26, Posts: Sun Nov 29, 6: I’ve checked everything on it, reset it several times, and everything checks out. I ran a netsh interfaces ipv4 reset as well. So, started messing with the jack on the laptop itself. Giganit can’t map what has been tried on each system.

Reboot into Win7, drops back down to Mbps. By default, it doesn’t allow me to select 1.

Nov 29, Posts: Again, hooking this same cable to the ‘good’ PC connects at 1.