Posted July 22, Structurally similar to the previous Racer 2. If i want to set the gpu clock to “manual overclocking”, the selction is lagging and i must restart the control pannel. I am using lv2g driver The directional keys, for example, are thankfully the same size as the QWERTY keys, but the Enter key could be a bit too small for some. MNguyen , Nov 7,

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As for cooling it, I’ve looked around but I can’t seem to find a decent cooling pad for a 17″ laptop Only my CPU is a 2. I guess I will also have to adjust the fan after too, hey? Anyway, I was wondering if you have any experience with RivaTuner and if you could maybe give me a few step by step instructions on how to overclock the Memory and Core of the GPU For a matte display meant mainly for indoor use, this maximum brightness is sufficient for comfortable viewing, though many Ultrabooks do have much higher brightness levels in order to improve outdoor visibility.

Running Windows Vista Home Premium.

More pictures of the internals can be seen in our review of the KN2. They were quite a bit more stable but performance wise a little slower on my setup.


14″ T61p Quadro FX 570m 128mb Performance

I have tried both of the tips as stated before. So that does not work both of the drivers on laptopto go website for windows 7 dont want to work with rivatunner is there something that I am doing wrong. And if so, where nvisa able to fix it? Mine has two fans positioned prety wierdly so i actually lift the back of my laptop on top nivda my cooling pad about 5 cm using two thick rubber pieces, which ensures even better air movement.

If you don’t know, you need to run it in x and standard settings if you want to compare. One minor complaint is the new rectangular speaker grilles that look rather lackluster in design.

Overclocking M GT MB card – Benchmarks & Overclocking – LaptopVideo2Go Forums

Again, thank you for the advice and I could really use a bit more help with this tool. Feedback is satisfactory all around, though we would have liked a deeper travel for the keys in general.

Nvidw X3 speakers do perform better at louder volumes compared to other notebooks of the same size where unbalanced sounds, static or rattling may occur due to unwanted vibrations. At the moment i use the Since the Eurocom X3 shares many hardware similarities, we focus instead on the hardware performance benefits that this 1996.04 model provides compared to the Racer 2.


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I havent tested the new official drivers yet, i usually wait for dox’s optimized drivers as they are fat free. Rubberized matte surface returns.

Posted August 3, Log in or Sign up. Not run, Half Duplex: System Information report written at: Ah, that’s a pretty good score, thanks! Hey Stewdent did your lappy came with win 7? Now if hp could just make live easier and give us a software to control our fans: By the 19604 few questions about win7.

Also my memory is only DDR2 I find 5,9 quite high. Its all about pushing my old machine to its limits: This topic is now closed to further replies. Could have something to do with my motherboard My setup is nivda Acer Aspire G with the exact same card as you have.