I just finished uninstalling everything including removing the possibly competing Asus HD video capture card and I got the same warnings and errors when freshly installing the DVR software; – it flags the windrvr. Some cards have a “pin-out” on them that allows a person to cable that pin-out to the reset switch on the Motherboard. If you already have an account, sign in. Please advise what am I doing wrong? If the order has already been shipped; you may return the item to us postmarked within 30 calendar days of delivery.

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This guide has more details, but if you need further help please edit your question to let us know where you’re stuck. If you have another capture card or TV Tuner you are well advised to remove those devices from the computer, thus avoiding frustrating hardware conflicts.

Fusionsea Wireless 4CH 2. We do sell a card, The AVerMedia card, which has this feature enabled.

I just received a 4-channel 60 fps card containing the Techwell chip and it appears as though the supplied software is out of date. These instructions are based on you running Windows XP. People who like this.


Fusionsea 4CH Real-time live Record To Be Continued – under construction. Then you will get a list of your Device Managers. Now let’s, physically remove any “other” capture devices first.

Lieder 4 Channel DVR Card Digital Video Surveillance Recording System SKY –

Got to your Desktop and find the Client Icon and click on it. Want to view your cameras from anywhere over the internet. As this is a pre-existing conflict we naturally are unable help you resolve this. There is no need to print it out, however, as the procedure to get started is on this page.

A new Window opens.

4 Channel DVR Card Digital Video Surveillance Recording System SKY104

Recently added 0 items. Any help is appreciated. Answers Answers and Comments. Posted April 21, Go to Port Forwarding in your adsl usually in same place with dmz,insert u ip dvr Please advise what am I doing wrong?

I’m not familiar with dvrserver. Imagine not having to watch endless hours of recordings of nothing and be able to choose motion activated video capture only.

Cannot use my DYNDNS to access my DVR remotely – Dyn Community Forum

This is your setup section. Then, use one of the following cvr You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. If you see them that means you have successfully installed the drivers needed to run your card.


Double Click on any camera to get a single camera view. Install the software and try to update u DNS.

Here are the adjustments you will need to make to view the manual. You will often need to choose “Run this program as an administrator”.

The computer that has your capture card installed into is referred to as your Server. Now close any and all programs on your Taskbar that might have started automatically when you turned on your machine. They have to be resolved as it means you have a conflict in your machine before you even start. If you’ve already done that you either need to change the admin port of your router or forward a different port to the DVR.