Expect to see motherboards provide plenty of options for higher memory bus speeds, including the ability to run synchronously with the MHz front-side bus. Now, less than a month later, we’ve turned that corner to find the i SLI riding a motherboard built by Nvidia itself. New features of the i are the addition of Extreme Overclocking capabilities and basic refinements of the features first introduced with the SLI chipset. DiskAlert System In the event of a disk failure, MediaShield users see an image that highlights which disk has failed to make it easier to identify, replace, and recover. I have upgraded the i SLI to the P33 firmware but still no luck. As you can see that’s quite a colorful palette of functionality and options. My intel xm 80GB drive works fine without raid turned on for its sata port, but is not recognized at post if I enable raid on it.

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Intense stability, hefty tweaking features and massive performance. Most of those links you gave refer to and talk about ACHI mode which is different from raid. Before getting started, I suggest thumbing through our latest reviews of Core 2-compatible chipsets. Plus raiv have limited life as of now as they can only be written to so many times.

NVIDIA 680i: The Best Core 2 Chipset?

Nvidia also has chiset a chipset for AMD’s upcoming 4×4 platform, but we can’t say much about that just yet. This chip is manufactured on a nano node by TSMC, and features a memory controller that Nvidia says has been completely redesigned.


This feature was left out of the nForce SLI for Intel processors, but it’s made a return in the i. Peak SATA data rate. FirstPacket isn’t slick enough to prioritize inbound packets, but for chipswt looking to smooth ping times while uploading, it’s a handy feature to have. User Control Panel Log out.

680 pulled this from another forum– http: The Vista registry edit, works on Vista 32 and Vista Altowarrior New Member Total Posts: As you can see that’s quite a colorful palette of functionality and options. Networking with Dual Gigabit Ethernet with Teaming allows the two connections to work together to provide up to twice the Ethernet bandwidth.

nForce i Platform – NVIDIA i: The Best Core 2 Chipset?

This provides dual x16 Chipwet slots for the i. An nForce i SLI chipset will follow for mid-range markets using the same north bridge chip but a reduced-feature south bridge. Steam names the best-selling games of GeForce Hotfix Driver Raix chipset also features a new north bridge chip that’s built using nano process technology and features a completely redesigned memory controller.

This time, Nvidia has taken things one step farther, designing and manufacturing its own nForce i SLI motherboards for sale to its partners.


LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture. Rather than launching as a standalone chipset, the nForce i SLI is coming to market as a complete platform.

And for the sizes to go up, the drives are too puny for my use right now. Chipset manufacturers usually produce a reference motherboard design to help their partners bring products 680o market.

The i SLI will be Nvidia’s first nForce series chipset to hit the market, but it won’t be the last.

Nvidia’s nForce 680i SLI chipset

chipsset This eliminates the need to back up data and follow multiple steps in the process. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

My intel xm 80GB drive works fine without raid turned on for its sata port, but is not recognized at post if I enable raid on it. Customize The Tech Report View More Photo Galleries.

Those GigE controllers can also be teamed to form a single pseudo-2Gbps connection for those who just can’t get enough bandwidth. Hot plug and Native Command Queuing are supported. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. Read on to find the answer.