I can see wanting to make a Deluxe more powerfull if it does not cut it for ya but as I have said before that knob that says volume works pretty well. Tubeset for Fender Champion In the first position V1 , Yes, my password is: Nov 24, 8. Would blackfacing the bias section change the tone, or is it strictly only for bias voltage reaons and nothing else to do with tone? If the bias is too hot the amp will sound juicy, will overdrive sooner, and the power tubes will burn out sooner. I’m the original owner and this amp won’t sell in my lifetime, so it’s gonna happen.

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How to Fender Twin Reverb mod for 6V6 tubes | Telecaster Guitar Forum

I don’t know how you’d go about doing what you want with that amp, but I’m definitely curious. Rsverb should have known this would come down to opinions on why I shouldn’t mess with a Twin. Aug 16, 6. I was thinking of changing to 6V6 tubes using the twin as a plateform for a 6V6 amp that is higher powered than a Deluxe Reverb. Your name or email address: Aug 16, 3.

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I had modded another twin to run EL34’s before, but put 6L6’s back in it and re-biased it, and it sounded so good, I never put EL34’s in it after that, but this twin I have right now might end up being a mod box. CleeveAug 18, Jul 22, ThermionicScottNov 24, I’m still not set on it, but want to have the info I need to complete it when I do decide to do it, be it this particular Twin, or another chassis that I pick up somewhere else. Not being a naysayer as much as I am trying to understand why.


Nov 23, 2.

Others will suggest zener diodes to get the voltage down. Fender Vibroking with reverbdriver 6V6 This replacement For a tight and punchy clean sound with nice break up and silky highs we recommend revern combination. Jul 19, 6. If you can use a total speaker impedance of 8 ohms, that’ll do it too.

And theoretically, you might reduce the OT primary impedance to compensate and bring power output back up. I’m the original owner and this amp won’t sell in my lifetime, so it’s gonna happen.

Nov 24, 5. Got a ’70 Super Reverb and want to convert it to 6v6’s to get the volume to a more manageable level.

Blue Strat likes this. If you have the money I would think a DR power transformer would work nicely. For what it is worth I bought a modded guitar at a rummage sale on Fri I bought it for parts to sell to the guitar shop.

It seems like a powerful 6V6 amp would fit what I like a lot. I know its your amp I just do not see the reason why. BF Supers run the plates at V. Tony BonesJul 19, Whatever you do you will also at the very least have to rebias the amp and more than likely tweak the bias resistors to get a usable voltage with the new output secontion.


6v6 super reverb

That’s why I guess Leo went to SS rectifiers over 50 watts? SamBookaNov 23, HotBluePlatesJul 19, Even if it requires a tranny swap, but if there is a safe way to do it with the original tranny, that’s great too!

A BJT in an insulated case, I would suggest something in the BUL series, will bolt to the chassis easily and handle all you can throw at it. No Rebiasing is needed since the amp runs on a cathode biased