Here’s a quick rundown of our test system and benchmarks used. Page 34 Pin 5 is removed to prevent inserting in the wrong orientation when using ribbon cables with pin 5 plugged. Page 64 This field reserves an address space for ISA expansion cards. Asus have always impressed me with their presentation and the A7VE is no different. Installs a nifty ASUS screen saver.

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This field configures the number of sectors per track.

The Audio Demo program offers an easy way to test and tune your new speaker system. When not using the chassis intrusion lead, place a jumper cap over the pins to close the circuit.

ASUS Ships A7V266-E Motherboard

Windows 95, you need to install Windows with the APM feature. Using our XP 13xcooled with a modified dual-fan Taisoland 1.

On-board sound is having something of a renaissance of late. Replace the system cover.

Using Asus Pc Probe 6. The fact that certain jumpers still have to be manipulated is a negative point.

Our trusty synthetic friend, SiSoft Sandra, leads the way. Lets you record the current monitoring activity of a certain component of your PC for future reference. I’m sure OEM system builders will be more than happy at the inclusion a7266 this little chip, as it almost precludes the need for a true hardware solution.


ASUS Ships A7VE Motherboard

Page of Go. The Asus is close but not close enough. We see three DDR banks that are thoughtfully placed. This synthetic benchmark stresses the CPU, memory d and graphics card to the limit.

We had to manually set the DDR voltage to 2. BIOS duty is handled by Award. Regardless of the setting, holding the ATX switch for more than 4 seconds will power off the system.

Then it automatically enters the Advanced menu audo a popup display of all the possible CPU internal frequencies.

It appears so, the Asus can’t quite catch the MSI at default speeds but naturally edges ahead at overclocked speeds. Page 72 This aucio an unattended or automatic system power up. We’re using Xmpeg 2. The software package, although not as impressive as some we’ve seen, is more than adequate.


Select the faintest of the three z7v266 JP1 [] and JP2 [], 2. The usual power and system setup options are present too. The Asus seems to fall short of this little bit extra, it does a lot of things well but fails to set our world on fire. Asus computer hardware – motherboard user manual 64 pages. Another observation we made was that the board takes a while to power up once the power switch is depressed, longer than any other board we’ve had aduio the labs.


Using slightly stricter settings resulted in failed boot-ups.

VIA KT266A Motherboard Roundup – January 2002

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Our visual preferences were xx32 Normal settings. Page 93 Click OK. As part of our stability testing, we ran SETI. Asus have always impressed me with their presentation and the A7VE is no different. Multi-channel Audio Feature Setup 1.