Whether this is correct or not is up to you to decide, but it still a good benchmarking application, which why we use it. We ran a whole bunch of tests here. With support for, among other thing, CrossFire, HDMI from the integrated sound card and a few other innovations this is one exciting card. These profiles can be associated with different programs, so if you would like, you could use a very advanced form of EIST while using Windows, or automatically overclocking your computer when you start a chosen program. Should you decide to take a tour for conventional voltage regulators, you actually find one, should you look close.

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This site uses cookies. May 23, Posts: Also, we have a capacitor whose position is a bit weird, but this was no problem. Unfortunately, abit has not updated the AB9 QuadGT product information page so follow the link above.

abit AB9 QuadGT – Fully fledged P motherboard

Please proceed with discretion and do not attempt to use unless you know what you are doing! Luckily there have been settings for protections against overheating for years.

Otherwise, there would be very little for you to gain by tampering with this setting. Mar 30, at 9: Our update today will address these issues, fixes, and also provide a couple of performance updates. The extremely high expectations we had for this board were perhaps just set too high. Keep in mind that many other boards stops at around MHz FSB, which is a very good value in itself.


ABIT AB9 QuadGT, LGA Socket, Intel Motherboard | eBay

With support for, among other thing, CrossFire, HDMI from the integrated sound card and a few other innovations this is one exciting card. Mar 16, Posts: Try all your stuff in a different mobo if possible, if not, RMA it as faulty and try again.

Hopefully, this board goes all the way to MHz, but that remains to be seen until the overclocking tests. Here we can see how the results scale, and then how the program mainly needs raw processor power, which is clearly seen in the difference between the frequencies.

Pretty OK, but nothing to get excited about. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

ABIT AB9 QuadGT, LGA775 Socket, Intel Motherboard

Since this was so successful we decided to venture for 3. Or at least, be rock solid. Dec 6, Posts: Official Abit Forums http: That could explain it. Do I have anything to worry about? Our recent look at the abit AB9 QuadGT motherboard revealed several surprises; most of these were pleasant but a few were not.


We got a little cocky and decided to venture for 4. Log in or Sign up. So far iv tried What the manufacturer thought when it gave us this setting is unclear, but it is ambitious and generous to offer the freedom of choice that many manufacturers refrain from.

It manages all this while generating excellent performance numbers. The tests were only run once, and all of them were carried out without any pause. Take a look at these on the next page.

Intel P965: abit AB9 QuadGT

First of all because there is a tremendous load on the processor with this application, but we can still see a big difference of 1, points between for example 3.

How to boot an Abit board from a USB flash drive eethernet We needed to raise the voltage a little for the processor to cooperate, but with 1. The three profiles called Turbo, Normal and Quiet are preconfigured, but as a user, you can play with User in addition ahit the default profile.

Mar 29, at 1: