After completes the files copy, it will start the driver installation. To prevent this, we recommend giving some delay time before closing the port, which ensures all pending data being sent out completely. JetEye Pulse mode as below: This completes the driver installation. Then you will get Setup Status window as follows.

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In such a case the receiver will get junk data.

So, if the sending side has completed its sending but some data in dongle buffer still pending transmission before you close the COM port, DTR and RTS actisyys will get change consequently. The adapter can also be preset to a certain configuration according to customer’s demand.

ACT-IR220LN-9.6 – RawIR (IrPHY only) Serial Infrared Adapter

ACTiSYS does not assume any liability arising out of the application or use of any product or circuit described herein. Can be used instead of ACT It will actisyd up a Welcome window as below. Insert the CD into your Mac Machine. Customers who bought this product also bought the following products: Please direct browse the installation CD to find the path: As to all the other files copied to the folder under Acrisys Then select baud rate directly from this Utility.


Instead ir220on running above file, if you insert Installation CD the second time, the CD will autorun again and system will then detect the driver already installed and ask you to confirm the same removal procedure. Baud Rate selection will be disabled when select the other models, e. If a user wishes to run a program that requires administrator permissions, they must give consent through a User Account Control prompt.

Industrial Adapters – – ACTiSYS IrDA Infrared Wireless Communication

And the first step it will copy the following files to the path: Furthermore it provides compatibility with the following devices: But still it is not a good solution yet.

Else a Welcome window will pop up as follows. Then a welcome screen for PL Driver installer will show up. If device found, it will read the configuration detail and display in ir220pn screen, You will see the installing window under processing.

It wctisys user configurable to emulate the functionality mode of one of the following “classic” serial adapters: To get the Port ID, please also refer to section Insert the installation CD.


Click Finish button to complete the Un-installation as below. If your data size is too big, then you can send them in multiple blocks. If the installation Does start automatically, go to the next section.

This completes the driver installation. If exists, please remove it first. We iir220ln great as a trustworthy supplier. It will ask you to confirm as below window. Modification in Configuration Utility.

Download free pdf for Actisys IRLN IR Adapters Other manual

This should remove the driver from your Mac machine. Improve the Throughput We recommend sending bulk of data rather than byte-by-byte data to achieve good throughput. Please let us know, which product and quantity you are trying to source.

Some application cannot handle COM Port greater than 4 or 9. Device driver installer b.