When cutting an outside profile, the tool ramps into the work along Ramp 1 and away from the work along Ramp 2 as illustrated in Figure The lower shear blade is bed-adjusting and the upper blade is adjustable by means of a truss bar on the cutter head. New Britian Automatic Bar Machine: Enter either an XStepover or YStepover. T-slotted base Power column clamping Manual clamping of head Hardened wear strip on arm 20 H. When any of the keys is activated, the corresponding LED lights up. Figure , Plane Identification All rights reserved.

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In this example, a table has two vises installed. Defaults to straight-line path between holes. The maximum number of repetitions is Each pop-up menu contains a highlight bar. From N70 it resumes main program execution. Summit 19 x 80 gap bed 3″ bore engine lathe: In G-Code, the mill cycle starts with G and ends with G as in the example below.


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Optional All rights reserved. Turning diameter over slide: You must drill a start hole prior to using this cycle. The travwl feeds into the profile along Ramp 1, cuts the circle to the specified D Diameter then ramps away from the work along Ramp 2.

Width of cut in the X-axis direction.

Feedrate of rough cycle used to mill out the pocket. Activates Manual Mode from Auto and S.

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Dake JH10 manual horizontal band saw capacity: Number of times C is ttavel, and subprogram P is called. One 1 Leblond-Makino A Finish stock amount per side including bottom. It has the following: The Fixture Offset Table activates. In FigureMM equivalents are in parentheses following the Inch measurements.

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XY finish stock amount, sides only. Increment between holes in Y-axis. Additional linear or rotary axes U, W can also be specified. Use to jog any controlled axis in Manual Mode.


Move to slot 2 and calls sub. If you do not provide Z and H, program a separate Z move to acurute the tool out of the hole after the cycle. CW is negativecall subprogram P 1, and loop count L equals eight.

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Use to run part programs for production. The cornerrounding format blends the intersection of two moves.

Allows access to additional soft keys. Distance to Go Displays the Distance to Go in reference to: Use them whenever applicable.

This cycle enables optimum drilling conditions for holes. M98 P commands a jump to subprogram O Acramatic A X Axis Travel: