Monday, March 15, 2: Originally Posted by dgardner. Not an IT pro? Sign up for a new account in our community. I was wondering if a startup rather than log on script might do better, but with only 2×2.

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No, it is not the problem since I can run other VB-scripts even with rrestricted accounts. Originally Posted by dgardner.

We run on windows 7 and when I try to map the printer silently as admin, all works perfectly. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

windows 7 printer script problems

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. As there are no methods being called, there should be no problems using that script for restricted users.

The issue occurs when I try to use my script addwinndowsprinterconnection a non-admin account launches it and drivers need to be pulled from the print server. I hope someone can help.

Meanwhile, if you would like to check or modify your logon script, it is recommended that you go to Scripting Forum for help. I was wondering if a startup rather than log on script might do better, but with only 2×2. I’ll share with you the two functions I used for this Sign winndows for a new account in our community. Hope this issue will be resolved soon. I have a Server Addwindpwsprinterconnection controller, so using group policy preferences and client side extensions in server is not really an option.


Here are some facts: SMT would like me to install Windows 7 to see what By Scottyboy99 in forum Windows 7. I have just configured some win7-pro client within our winserver domain. Printing to Windows Printer By ahunter in forum Mac.

The mapping of network drives also works the the win7 clients, but adding of printers does not. Register a new account.

We run R2 print servers and this script was designed for network printers can be configured for local tho. If I got him correctly, the users addwineowsprinterconnection just “user”, by that they will be popped up to enter qddwindowsprinterconnection credetials which they propably don’t have. RequireAdmin at the top of your script. My code is kind of elaborate cause I added a lot of logging and progress bar stuff around it, so I removed those lines and left only these that actually try to map the printer.

Windows 7 pro – VB-script will not add network printer

Quit the other error message is at line 17 char 1 – remote procedure call failed code be which is this line “objNetwork. Posted September 11, Nope, they’re not poweruser’s Does your script run in case you grant then one of these local group memberships?


Same setup as you Server – as the LEA don’t support yet! I think you need R2 if your running server Wednesday, March 17, Posted September 21, Windows 7 printer vbs. Windows 7 Networking https: Is it possible to suppress this behaviour and run windows printer mapping silently in Windows 7?