The following diagram shows the waveform. It is used to change the target position, defined originally by these two functions. Select logic and response modes of ALM signal. The velocity profile is shown as follows: The deviation counter clear signal is inserted in the following 4 situations: Page 55 Figure

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Connection to Open Collector Output For more operation information adlikn the encoder feedback signals, refer to section 4. The deceleration period is similar in fashion. The following table lists the suggested resistor values according to the encoder power supply.

Page 76 X Relative Functions: For more details of ALM signal operations, refer to section 4. Page 31 Figure Signal Connections 19 Page 30 adlini. In no event will the manufacturer be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use the product or documentation, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

If using full duplex mode, the occupied ID will be two ID steps in order.


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Circular interpolation for 2 axes For the full lists of functions. ALM Logic and Response mode: Page 33 and DIR. Set the max speed of motion. This chapter contains the following sections: The output pulse accelerates from a starting velocity StrVel to a specified maximum velocity MaxVel.


We have the classification as follows. We list the execution time depending on the command delivering counts.

The logic polarity of the ORG signal level or latched input mode is also selectable using this function as well. This mode is most commonly used. Non-differential Type Wiring Example Warning: The comparison output channel will generate a pulse signal when the encoder counter reaches a pre-set value set by the user. Z If the quantity of the modules is odd, the time is about Z If the quantity adoink the modules is even, the time is about 0.

It can also aid in debugging hardware and software problems. Emergency Input and General Input Common Page 94 Continuously Comparison aldink Trigger Output To compare multiple data continuously, functions for building comparison tables are provided and are shown below: They are very easy to understand and to use.


It cause axis 0 to move for pulses, and the maximum velocity is Hsp. The area inside the trapezoidal profile represents the moving distance. X Damage caused by unsuitable storage environments i. To specify a circular interpolation path, the following parameters must be clearly defined: In-position Signal INP The in-position signal is usually generated by the servomotor driver and is ordinarily an open collector output signal. Select if the ERC signal hxl be sent when home move completes.

If the hardware version returns a value with the 4th digit being 0, then that board does not support these functions. It can generate high frequency pulses 6. The time unit is mini-second.