Delete the wires connecting Configure Current Limit. Elec Electronic Design I. With compact and modular form factors, NI’s PXI programmable power supplies and precision sources simplify the task of designing automated test systems by saving expensive rack space and reducing the need for multiple instrument form factors within a test system. Answer this question in you lab report: Take a few measurements by changing the power supply voltage in the front panel VI for the power supply you could also connect the function generator to the DMM and measure an AC waveform. The reason you do this is the next instrument is pasted into approximately the same location and it gets real messy when you try to separate the block diagrams. The resulting Block Diagram is shown in Figure 6 below.

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Then click the green Run arrow at the top left of the VI. Use space constants to separate relevant titles from your data, making the file more readable. Students should have completed one lab where they read Chapter 1 of Getting Started with LabVIEW implementing the design discussed in that chapter and have completed one homework xgilent where they implement the design discussed in Chapter 2. Add text to indicate which set of controls related to which test instrument by clicking on labbview VISA resource name and altering the text information.

E3631A – Want display to show voltage/current in realtime

In the tutorials it is always basically just plug and play so I didn’t expect that I needed to install additionnal software. NET, Service Pack 2 is required. In this directory, select the folder for the model power supply on the bench.


The power supply should turn on and depending on the text in the other field, you can change the settings. Use space labvifw to separate relevant titles from your data, making the file more readable Add one final Concatenate Strings function to append all the sub-strings into one formatted string.

The model for the new function generator is the Agilent A.

Agilent E363X Series Power Supply

The resulting Block Diagram is shown in Figure 6 below. The file name on the front agilwnt will change to reflect the VI name. For the lab report, include the front panel and the block diagram for the combined VI in your submission, your observations and any questions you have been asked to respond to.

This is useful for circuits that need balanced positive and negative inputs.

Use the Concatenate Strings function to build sub-strings to add headers and organize data before writing to file. Does the com port appear in MAX or just device manager. First ensure you have the NI-Serial driver installed. Department of Electrical Engineering and Technology.

EA – Want display to show voltage/current i | Keysight Community

Change any one of the four parameters in the VI front panel then click the white RUN button and the display will change on the actual instrument. Back to Top 6. Answer this question in your lab report: The PXIe is an excellent general-purpose, single-quadrant power supply for design validation and manufacturing test applications.


Thank you very much in advance. If you select the device, you can see additional properties, such as the device name, as well as any software or drivers that are installed on your system to support this device.

Solved: Agilent EA – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Enable tracking on the ‘Configure Tracking’ function. I unzipped the folder, and opened the examples, but I keep getting errors. Wentworth Institute of Technology. However, I get the very same error when I plug my power supply agikent the serial port of my computer and try to run the test VIs.

TestStand is a ready-to-run test management software is designed to help you develop, execute, and deploy automated test and validation systems faster. Wire the actual voltage level, voltage level, actual current limit, and actual current limit to the four instances of the Number to Fractional String function.

I did not type it in manually.

Or do I have to change the settings of the device itself? Open these examples using the following procedure. This will place a third front panel on the desktop.

This driver supports instruments manufactured by Agilent Technologies.