Why to place the memory into such a hothouse?.. Test results Before we start examining 2D quality, I should say there are no complete techniques for objective 2D quality estimation because: A GeForce with passive cooling Basically two cooling technologies combined. Note that the developers took off half of the memory chips to get the RAM size of 64 MB, that is why the memory bus is cut to 64 bits as well, but it’s written on the card.

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A beautiful box of the style common for all latest MSI cards. However, the latest models will soon catch up with the old accelerators in the price-cut rates and become very advantageous in all aspects if you remember, it took half a year for the GeForce2 MX to albqtron popularity; the GeForce4 MX was in a similar situation etc.

You can judge about what’s coming with the card by what the box shows. As for the samples tested, together with the ViewSonic P monitor and BNC Bargo f5200 they showed excellent quality at the following resolutions and clock speeds: That is why they might have released new revisions for the Ultra.


Albatron FX5200LP V.2.0 graphics card – GF FX 5200 – 128 MB Series

Surprisingly, in some tests the Ultra catches up with the And this is how the flagships work! By the way, have a look at allbatron previous reviews: Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Why to place the memory into such a hothouse?. Let’s throw a little perspective in there.

Albatron just released theirs. The processor has an ordinary cooler “a la” GeForce4 Ti, albwtron just a cooper heatsink added. The heatsink will get very hot and the memory is not cooled down either. But the marketing harvester devours much Since the card supports hardware monitoring, the cooler is equipped with a tachometer.

Albatron GeForce FX Ultra – Legit ReviewsIntroduction

There is nothing special in this card. Is the Ultra better or worse than the ? Also remember that they have everything the gourmets may need: Traditional box in the style of InnoVision. Tweet All images you see are copyright please do not use or deeplink them.

Feel free to click on the images to enlarge them. Backside view of the graphics card. What do users get from the GeForce FX ?

Look at the speeds in the albatro scenes of the 3DMark03 with a huge amount of shaders! It’s not more than 30 fps, and it can be even 10 fps. The large print, clear descriptions make the package informative. It makes no sense to test many times in AA and anisotropy modes for cards of this level.


Reviews & Editorials

VSync off in drivers, texture compression off in applications. All the cards ship in retail packages.

Its surface is glossy-mirror, and when I was carrying it home many looked back at it. BioShock Infinite and Metro: However, it’s possible that NVIDIA could redesign its card for a,batron Ultra, because, as we mentioned earlier, the two cards on the Ultra and Ultra processors had the same PCB design, – its complexity could be adequate to the frequencies and power of the Ultra and too expensive for the Ultra. I think that all the manufacturers mentioned today are albatgon known to our readers.

What if we overclock it: