I added the following line at the beginning: I posted this blog from my mobile internet connection set as above. There is a program called “udev”, your flavor might have it already installed in it. This means that the device was registered as modem in USB port, and it act as ” option ” type device, not just simply as some ” generic ” device. It helps to identity devices on your system. Looking for active driver

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USB_ModeSwitch • AnyDATA ADUL switched only during the boot

My system is a Debian Sid derivative sidux with kernel 2. Tone Low 10 or anything you like, better is to be anything more than 5 Networking: A dialog let me know that the modem was recognized. Most of the users are not so lucky. If TV signal is too strong, leading to the advent of television ripple, please add an attenuator before TV. Ethernet and coaxial cable connection.

Then adu-510o switch should happen automatically on each plug.

You can give the name of any config file with the ” -c command line option. Most importantly, to be able to support point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications allow networking for any locations such as home, office, sports center, buildings, apartments, hotels, resorts and other places that need a high bandwidth network.


What am I doing wrong? Top Blog at WordPress.

tel modem AnyDATA ADU-510L ufon

Adh-510l May 31, Mon May 31, 5: Thank you for outlining the necessary steps, but unfortunately I have to fix this for my brother who is another country, and he is not tech savvy at all.

This means that now the device does not act anymore as storage device.

However i can use gnome-ppp as well gnome-ppp is a frontend for wvdial – so I was getting only screens such as:. Tue Jun 01, 6: Now i try to “patch” the module in kernel – i hope i will be not in need to compile anydataa whole kernel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Publicat de Consultant european la 4: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. With point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications, it provides Ethernet connectivity over existing CATV grade Coaxial cables in locations such as apartments, hotels and buildings that require a high bandwidth network.

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Copy this article in a text file onto your Linux computer, so you can proceed step by step even if you are not connected to internet anymore. If you use any newer Ubuntu distribution, chances are that you will succeed to make the internet connection, too.


I would be very grateful…I hope you will see this after all this time. Before starting, make sure that you downloaded and installed the packages mentioned in my other post too. There is a program called “udev”, your flavor might have it already installed in it. You are actually very lucky to have switched the device automatically at boot if it is inserted in your computer. I still have one big problem. It seems the setup is lost after restart.

I suspect kppp would have worked just as well. I could say that this is the most happy situation to happen. If I plug it in later, something hang: If not, you will put there your own location but preferably NOT on the desktop. Ever since it hangs during configuration and will not shut down until I unplug the stick.