This means comparions are doubtful at best due to the delay involved and my knowledge of what driver I selected. I have better success with synchronizing if I use SqueezPlay as compared with SquuezeSlave, because the latter needs to transcode some of my radio streams to , which is not needed if I use SqueezePlay. Sorry for my confusion. Do you already have an account? The result will be noise, which I think anyone could ABX. I’m a DJ and producer from south Brazil and I got an experience with this question today.

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Windows: should you use DirectSound(default), WASAPI or ASIO – Xylio

My midi controllers are hooked up via usb also if that makes any difference. Jun 22, 3. It is not a forum where to post opinions.

Will have to read more about that later. To my ears, DS simply sounds more mellow and smoother, which is probably a result of resampling based on how your sampling rate and bit-depth is set up under Windows. Are you recording while your playing? Results 1 to 10 of Board index Technology Echo Vale. Let me first of all state that I cannot hear any difference. For any further changes to the MAC address you need, stop Squeezeplay, delete the userpath settings folder and then restart and reconfigure Squeezeplay.


There is an direcstound article from SoundOnSound on this matter here. It’s an easy way to salience web pages you stumble on that blast 50 thousand different videos or songs while not being disturbed listening to your own music. WASAPI has an advantage of grabbing audio from the Windows mixer when recording skipping the digital to analog and analog to digital stuff at a specified common rate and depth.

There must be a mathematical difference. It always works but it almost always works only in stereo mode and outputs only. Anyone else notice this or have their own observations on this topic.

There is a fixed directsuond of intelligence on the planet, and the population keeps growing: Last edited by ralphy; at The latency is extremely big usually between 50ms and 80ms so you can’t properly scratch or do any true real-time work.

NenuJun 22, Can grab Surround Sound with this method on cards that can output analog Surround Sound but can only record 2-channel stereo.


DirectSound vs. WASAPI vs. ASIO

I’d be happy to be proven wrong using researched measurements. Midiman I get what you’re saying, sorz 4 being so brief. Privacy policy About Xylio Disclaimers. I help a friend of mine with his mixes by using my ears, which I and him consider to be of high quality. Intel Architecture Day. It provides extremely low latencies usually between 1msms so it’s perfect for timecodes, scratching and pretty much anything that you want to be asoi.

I noticed that audio latency with DirectSound is approx. Discussion in ‘ Computer Audio ‘ started by MegalithJun 22, I also read midi out wasn’t as good as usb for some reason, but maybe that was back in the day or something as it seems to be working just fine for me.

Do you already have an account? But with asio it’s more of a “you hear what you get” with direct sound it’s usually “your mixdown sounds better”.

This question came from our site for engineers, producers, editors, and enthusiasts spanning directsiund fields of video, and media creation. The time now is