Press to enter setup. If you do not have a crisis recovery diskette at hand, then you should create a Crisis Recovery Diskette before you use the Phlash utility. Detach the thermal module from the main board. Chapter 1 23 L Empowering Tec? Chapter 3 65 General Information Before You Begin Before proceeding with the disassembly procedure, make sure that you do the following: You can now broadcast from your location to an IM partner anywhere in the world. You also have the option to set Acer eNet Management to start automatically when you boot up your PC.

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Acer eSettings Management also: Mwxmi backups are stored on D: No service actions are necessary if the pointer movement stops in a short period of time.

No beep, power-on indicator turns on and LCD is Power source battery pack and power adapter. In the Technical Information section you can download information on all of Acer’s Notebook, Aspide and Server models including: Please refer to www. Do the following to select the test device: You also have the option to set Acer eNet Management to start automatically when you boot up your PC.


Please record and keep it in a secure place, and never disclose it to anyone.

Upgraded Acer Celeron CPU to a T! | Page | NotebookReview

NOTE Gives bits and pieces of additional information related to the current topic. Check out the Power Management in control Panel 2. This is engineering sample. A loose connection can cause an error. Help for parameters are found in the Item Specific Help part of the screen.

Replace the main board. Keyboard if contrast and brightness function key doesn’t work. Bootable devices includes the distette drive in module aspirw, the onboard hard disk drive and the CD-ROM in module bay.

Some fonts and software do not support the Euro symbol. Ensure every connector is connected tightly and correctly. Prepare a bootable diskette. Please ensure that the resolution setting of the second monitor is set to the manufacturer’s recommended value.

Full text of “Service Manual: Acer Aspire “

An audible noise from the power adapter does not always indicate a defect. Remove the two screws holding the keyboard cover to the main unit.


Detach the thermal module from the main board. Only one card can operate at any given time. Chapter 1 15 Using the Keyboard The keyboard has full-sized keys and an embedded keypad, separate cursor keys, two Windows keys and twelve function keys.

Upgraded Acer 3680 Celeron CPU to a T5300!

Reconnect the keyboard cables. For whatever reasons a part number change is made, it will not be noted on the printed Service Guide. Detach the HDD cover from the main unit.

Double verticleTriple primary at leftTriple primary at rightor Quad Acer Gridvista is dual-display compatible, allowing two displays to be partitioned indepently. Item 1 Lens 2 Power indicator 30 Chapter 1 No.

Determine if the problem has changed. Enter it again to confirm: Then remove the right LCD bracket. To disassemble the computer, you need the following tools: