Mel I am in the middle of this. I’m almost absolutely sure this is fakeraid. CentOS mailing list Subject: This site hosts no abandonware. On Sun, 11 Feb at 3: Just enough to get the os running to the point where it loads a specialized driver that does the actual raid- stuff.

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These were made back when asrock made diablotek grade hardware. It won’t work well with linux.

[CentOS] asrock 775 dual-vsta mb and linux with sata raid

Recomendation for a cheap SATA controller for linux software raid? But the VIA chipset lets it’s down big time with available configurations.

It had a weird issue related to the onboard sound in COD4 only, in that it would throw you back to the desktop regularly, never fixed that but other games were fine. Feb 10, at 7: I can only get the FSB from the standard to !

Szta usually what gave them a bad reception, ASRock has deteriorated from that path since many years ago and as such is viewed much more favorably nowadays. What I did find was that I could get the drives to appear as independent drives.


ASRock > Dual-VSTA

It gave up the ghost eventually, or only randomly started up. I’ve tested the following PCI-Express cards with success: No issues as 775dial-vsta recall. Only other thing to add: If I don’t disable device mapper, I can’t use both drives and I can’t seem to be able to reboot — I usually get an error with disk labels.

Other users are reporting the same and it’s a miracle if you get above !

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Users browsing this forum: The only way I could do this was to use the “nodmraid” kernel option when I booted to do the. Hopefully some more members here can chime in with their experiences. Saturday, February 10, 6: Asrock wasn’t always an ok board maker. It’s a interesting board with Windows 98 to Windows 10 support, but let me go through my experiences with it so far.

No driver issues certainly. Seems I tried windows 7 with a 4core board but I have no idea why as I was on better stuff for my main PC when I bought them, unless it was as a stopgap due to other hardware failing.


I wonder if the hack to get a 775sual-vsta Xeon running n a board will work with this board. I mean my old q machine will run anything from 98 to 10 and that just uses a more standard gigabyte board.

Return to General Old Hardware. Mel I am in the middle of this. One day the arsock just up and died. I tried to load via sata raid driver, no luck there.

Asrock Dual-VSTA Manuals

I will start looking at what other choices I have soon. This is a digitally signed message part Url: Board index All times are UTC. It is also a very cool running CPU and it’s very easy and cheap to get hold off. I guess I could try legacy mode in the bios, but I was hoping there is another way around to load linux with the raid?

It overclocks much better with Mhz FSB cpus.