Set the Controller type. They are all Rev G or later. Any other suggestions will be appreciated. The easiest way to do that is with the Mount Wizard. Adjust curve if needed and upload the curve directly to the mount. For instance, below this letter is “I”. Some of the settings established include:

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We encourage you to use this interface for PC-based control of your mount!

These guys seem to go out of their way to make us, the customers, satisfied. After making adjustments to a PEC curve with any of the above buttons you will need to write it to the mount with the To Mount button.

To install, click the link below and click the download button on the respective web page. Click here for more details. Set the Controller type.

At the top of the graph Peak to Peak PE labels the total periodic error of the curve. Each time before acquiring periodic error data you should run the Calibration Wizard.

Adjust curve if needed and upload the curve directly to the mount. If, after checking the corrected periodic error of the mount you find that you want to try for further improvement you can astro-pyysics the Refine feature.


Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM Driver vxx

I’ve never tried to park my AP from software. Once every session, before acquiring periodic data, you should run the Calibration Wizard.

Clear the mount’s PEC. If you don’t delete the file you will be prompted to go directly into the create curve dialog: It is not actually lost, it was just incorrectly initialized.

Park 4 parks the scope on the opposite side xscom the pier facing south to the horizon.

David – problem fixed! Note that while you can still use Park 1, do so at your own risk. Thanks also David, and very interesting to note your same experience.

When the Mount Wizard Step 1 comes up enter a unique name for your mount. Select your camera control program and connect to your CCD camera by pressing the Connect Camera button. In either case it is best to pick a star astro-phhsics 45 degrees of the celestial equator in Northern hemisphere: Scroll down to the section entitled: It will not work with earlier platforms.

Since the driver and the documentation are both ongoing works in progress, we suggest that you also bookmark this page and check back often for the latest versions. For instance, below this letter is “I”. To install the driver, simply click the link in the QuickLinks table under the “Latest Version” heading and either run the file or save it astrl-physics run it later.


If either is not checked then enable them. Park 4 and Park 5 have the advantages of Park 1 e.

ASCOM and the Astro-Physics ASCOM V2 Driver

As I set up from astro-physlcs every time I never use park except for initial set up. With PEMPro you can: We thank Ajai Sehgal for the first driver, which he developed on his own. I had the same problem. For even more information, check the following link: Also be sure to install the AP V2 driver after the full platform installation is finished as described in the instructions a bit further down.