Solve hard disk resume password fail after warm boot. I’ve installed Windows 98 SE the same day, and With a flip of a switch you can wave goodbye to cold bugs — so you can take subzero overclocking even further! Support variant panel type. Have you figured out how to get 8x multiplier yet?

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VGA HOLDER | Motherboard Accessories | ASUS Global

Simplify power status APM mode algorithm when Pctel modem in use. Establishing Industry Standard Ensures maximum performance and lifespan with minimal power loss and thermal levels Super Alloy Power. It throbs to be unleashed.

When I hit the left “Windows R ” key when I’m using one of my virtual terminals, it brings me back to my X session who is running in the background! A bold, gleaming heat-pipe. Exclusively-designed vapor chamber contacts the GPU directly to efficiently dissipate heat. Allowed users the flexibility to draw power from internal or internal power ashs due to PSU limitations at the time.

Guard your graphics cards with ASUS VGA Holder for any tower case.

Set panel brightness to maximum when loading CMOS default setting. Exclusively-formulated alloy components boost performance by reducing power loss, enhancing durability, and achieving cooler operation.


I don’t know if the graphical install would have worked, I’m just used to doing it in text so I didn’t even try just in case type in “text expert” at the boot prompt. Update battery refresh algorithm. I booted off the CD and ran the install process in expert-text mode. Some of the products that appear on this site are from companies from which QuinStreet receives compensation.

This Asus laptop is really great with Linux, if you need an average laptop good stuff, pretty cheap too! Posts 4, Heya klep. Superior cooling and acoustics are created with exclusive DirectCU thermal design. DirectCU includes custom vapor-chamber cooling technology.

I then made 3 partitions, one for Windows, one for swap space and one for Linux. Hybrid Design Hybrid Design. Will the USB connection boot the install disk? While 3D graphics acceleration was relatively uncommon, the ASUS revolutionized graphics card manufacturing cga. ROG provides an irresistible experience to gamers and overclockers of all persuasions.

Choose what to monitor and how to monitor it in its settings. Last edited by klep; March 6th, at To have your penguin everywhere with you!

An exclusive and award-winning cooling technology that puts industry-leading highly-conductive 10mm copper cooling pipes in direct contact with your Fga card’s graphics-processing unit GPUdissipating heat with extreme efficiency.


Enabled users to overclock and compensate with additional cooling while monitoring fan speeds and temperatures in real time. It’s even possible to add to the streaming window scrolling text, pictures and webcam images. Establishing Industry Standard The first image enhancement technology implemented on graphics cards.

Well that’s about it! I wasn’t able to get things working with Xconfigurator, but XF86setup got things going fine: Modify DMI type 1 product string.

Running RedHat Linux on an ASUS Laptop

This clever feature instantly defrosts your Matrix card’s memory during subzero overclocking to ensure sustained stability.

I’ve installed Windows 98 SE the same day, and Each are carefully fine-tuned to deliver peak performance and utilizes the best engineering and innovation.

Designed to compete with Voodoo, the V was the card that allowed ASUS to truly break into the graphics card industry. Now, here we go