Selling as is no returns. The reproducer housing is made of pot metal, and suffers from the same pot-metal problems as all similar products of that vintage. Perhaps, “horn speaker base? We don’t ship ivory out of the country due to g Building something like Grid-Leak has found on Ebay – albeit with a bit more design flair – might be your answer until you run across a better one

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The stand part of the horn has slight flaking. Finding a base Posted: To make a piece esdta search on the Internet, which should be the most effective keywords?

Atwater Kent Model 20 Compact

The horn has come undone from the base. The paint should also be rough–not a wrinkle finish, but what AK called a “crystalline” finish.

Or you can measure the resistance at the cord Appears complete, in good condition except for wooden base which does not sit flat and a dent in the top cover. And as Bruce said, they were “crinkle” brown, not black.

Have any questions about this item? Here are the photos of my problem with the Atwater Kent L Posted: It may have looked so good because jent was repainted.


In case you decide to modify a base to fit – please be aware – many horns other than Atwater Wtwater were made of light-weight materials and the bases may not be substantial enough to support your heavy horn. It may be possible to cobble together a suitable base – for example using a heavy pot lid or zpeaker – and a headphone element for the reproducer It’s has original black paint, crystalline finish, and tested OK with a battery.

Sold for parts or restora The purchaser shall also be liable for any rent or damages sustained by the auctioneer soeaker failure to remove any lot. There are some other ways to define this?

Want to phone or mail the auctioneer?

There’s a big antique show next weekend at the Florida fairgrounds and maybe the same guy will be there with it if I want a 2nd chance. Heat will soften the epoxy as well. There are a few of these on Ebay.

Radio Horn

Except as set out herein, there shall be no warranties or guarantees expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise of any nature. This item is part of the auction: I measured one reproducer which speakrr been stored in a box, not mounted to a horn, and found the male threads to be 50 thousandths oversize due to the pot metal expanding.


Anyone collect these and think it was a ‘value’ at his price? Jan Tue 25, 8: The whole assembly stands 25″ tall and the bell is made of Circa s paper mache radio speaker horn.


Do not know what type radio it fits on. Headphone units make dandy substitute drivers for horns that are either missing the driver or are too damaged to accept the original driving device. If you think the article would be helpful, I’ll be happy to scan it and sent it to you by E-0Mail. Computer cases may vary – specifications are exact. Last edited by grid-leak on Jan Tue 25, My sister-in-law keeps telling me I need one big horn to go with my radios.

The Model M is keny only horn where the horn swivels on the base.

I’m taking a blacksmith to empty it.