It was generally known in the Authorware development community that version 8. A script function icon can reside anywhere in an Authorware file. Authorware’s power can be even better utilized with the use of variables, functions and expressions. Besides the script function icon title, the CallScriptIcon function takes up to three other parameters. The lower left pixel of the image is reserved for the transparent color. To switch the command back to a modal state, you use the following call:

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This property contains the layer expression set in the icon. More power was gained as more scripting added graphical design, interaction and integration features, but Authorware’s special interaction-centred, clean, simple design was lost along the way. Used with time limit response icons.

CommandRefresh This function reloads the Commands menu from the Commands folder on movei hard drive. EvalStatus and EvalMessage are set when the stack limit has been reached.

This tutorial will help you understand what is needed to make your Authorware application compliant with Section of the Rehabilitation Act, enacted by the U. If the command returns a nonzero value, you should check the system variables EvalStatus and EvalMessage for more information.

The pipeline character mofie ” determines where the caret appears.

In the tutorial, you will discover how to make text audible, run movies with captions, and create an accessible user interface, menu, and quiz. The catalog was truncating the filename that spanned the th character in the return string, resulting in part of one file name inable be missing.


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Use the MouseButton property to set which button triggers the menu. The flow chart model makes the re-use of lesson elements straightforward. The second item, whose title is simply Second Item, uses a literal string, “Save”, in the Menu Item text box. The variables pane in the calculation icon Properties dialog box showed the value of a list variable only once. Moving beyond the templates, however, requires either the importing of interactive Flash or Director movies, or scripting, which can be done in Authorware’s native scripting language or in JavaScript.

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Authoeware template failed to detect any version, whereas the Authorware 5 Web Player would pass the test. It is meant to accompany and update the Using Authorware 6 manual. This property returns the value found in the Pattern text box. If you change the file and need to save it, an asterisk appears after the filename.

This property contains the expression used with the Play: External Movie Driver Error Not all the files in the xtras folder are needed and, I have been told, some may actually prevent certain files from running when mixed with others. You can use these variables to respond to the user’s moving the cursor over an object. This property returns the text found in the Condition text box. Used with button, hot spot, and hot object response icons.

Macromedia Authorware – Authorware Release Notes

Use this parameter to set up the RTF object’s layer position. In previous versions there was a limit on having no more than 2GB of physical plus virtual memory during authoring time.


The name of the calculation icon must be unique.

For example, the frame rate of some media formats is determined by conditions at playback time lkad as bandwidthso there is no way to determine the frame rate for those files until after they have played. This property returns one of the following values, indicating the navigate icon’s setting: To make the text subscript: When you set the ButtonBitmap property to “Help,” button controls would not trigger the change event variable.

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If this text box is left blank, the button in the Presentation window uses the icon’s title as the button label. Used with sound icons, this property returns the expression in the Until True text box. Now, let’s say we want to call the external script function from an icon titled Call: We’ll call our function Sentence. The dive routine on all of the show-me files has been updated to account for sounds and movies becoming branching icons in Authorware 6.

For example, you might read the title of the icon to the user through text-to-speech technology.