Email Required, but never shown. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Some people probably wouldn’t care, and for the most part I’m one of those people; however, I don’t like the idea of myself or someone else stepping or tripping on the cable or having the cable get caught and ripped out of my computer or the router. Is the ndiswrapper module installed? There will be a lot of defectors from the brand, once Belkin’s DNA is in the entire product line, and it’ll happen. The device won’t work out of the box. In no particular order:

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If someone could please throw out some suggestions, I would really aprreciate it.

Posting from it now. Community Forum Software linkx IP. I have heard that Linux and wireless networking is always a challenge, but have never dealt with it until now.

Now you can attempt p,ay connect using this command be sure to replace wlan0 with the interface name of your adapter:. I am no expert in getting wireless adapters to work on Linux, I was just able to get my setup to work and wanted to share with anyone who may have a similar problem.

Belkin Wirless adapter, and MInt?

Email Required, but never shown. I have tried some solutions but this doesn’t work or any other variants of it: I have been considering upgrading my OS for a while now, but have not had a strong reason to.


I had pulled it out to read the model number off it. Then please post the output, Lets see if Linux can detect it, If it can it will work, We may brlkin be able to help you to get it going but I am sure a Linux forum can. This bekin configure your wireless adapter for WPA2 authentication. Glad you got it running.

I don’t have any indicating lights on the usb stick when it’s installed Are there any drivers I can download? Still doesn’t work plug and play Bus Device I’m doing this from memory and from the various pages that helped me through it over the course of a few days.

In no particular order: If you choose to use the drivers included on the CD, be sure to use the XP drivers. Uninstall the built-in ndiswrapper and clean up any configuration you previously had: So you can get this to install by downloading the RTL driver source code and compiling. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. However, I read that the drivers attached to this page are slightly modified by Broadcom for the chipset and they are what I used to get this working.


Certain credit cards will force a refund of return shipping costs, yet regardless, leave Linux out of the discussion.

wifi – How can I get Belkin N DB adapter to work on Raspberry Pi? – Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange

But in my new apartment, the way things are arranged, my only option was to run a long Ethernet cable across the floor of my living room in order to have internet access. Is the ndiswrapper module installed?

Posted 29 January – If your setup is different, you may have success oinux these steps or you may not. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

Brian Zier, Jan 6, So it is possible that you may be able to use them instead. There is no USB stuff in your list exept the mouse.

Sign up using Facebook. Yet Bwlkin glad you hung in there, I’d had tossed the card if not under warranty or exchange period. This worked perfectly for me.