The reality is that most of the top rated fairway drivers today were max distance drivers a few years ago. Newer players that get frustrated with other distance drivers dumping on them early will find the Sidewinder a great choice for helping them to improve their form. Also superb from their range is the Alias, and Vector, and the clutch of discs which are speed 6, and all feel the same in the hand: I want to establish myself as the “disc guy” first and move from there. Discraft Predator – Z Dyed. Higher power throwers will find the Singal great for hyzer-flips, heavy understable turns and rollers. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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I besf also trying to work with MVP actually, and they have been really cool with everything, but since I know more about those discs I didn’t want to burden everyone with more questions.

Fixed costs are the absolute death of tiny companies the world over, and you would be much better operating out of your front room, and the trunk of your car. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

Which Disc Manufacturer Makes The Best Fairway Drivers?

This disc golf driver is a great mix of the Buzzz and Stalker. I think Stalkers would pair well in a bag with a Control driver like Avenger though. PI’ve never had any issue with any manufacturer of discs, except Drastic — err — Discraft. I throw about with fairways and with controls. It has a narrow rim and shorter than most putters.


A responsive, all-purpose utility driver for all skill levels. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

I got a mystery box. A well-worn Stratus will flip flat when thrown on a hard hyzer. Fairway control, long distance, etc.

You may have had a bad experience with their customer service or pricing, but I don’t think anyone can honestly say that Distcraft does not manufacture a quality product. Discraft Stratus – Pro D.

Discraft Fairway Drivers | Disc Golf Discs

It is a stable, consistent, straight flying disc good for short drives, approaches, and chain hunting. Want to add to the discussion? I have a Buzzz and a Flick but not currently bagging them but have had success with the Buzzz; the Flick is a work in progress. A control disc for Pros, slightly overstable for Ams.

Leopards are often found in starter packs due to its reliable flight and limited fade. I just picked up a Thrasher today and with my first 2 throws I got 2 birdies that I’ve never been able to get before.


Sure, the junk discs might be an overstatement. Get the Underworld for your bag today. We are affiliated with Infinitediscs. The Tremor holds true for straight to anhyzer lines.


So, Electron Atom, then, and the Ion – and if you don’t have a Proton Envy for driving, then you aren’t even playing disc golf! The Buzzz variations fqirway Nuke variations are very popular.

[Compare] Discraft and Latitude 64 Fairways and Controls [Archive] – Disc Golf Course Review

It has one of the highest glide ratings of any disc golf disc. Rivers are great too but take a little finesse in my opinion.

Dizcraft Xpress – Z Dyed. Crave, Switch, Servo, etc. This set is great gift for any player and fairawy takes the guessing out of what di…. I have a 4-year old Gold Line Saint, which is still as good as brand new, in both flight shape and appearance.

The Sting is an understable fairway driver that likes to flip up and hold a smooth flight. The Ruby allows beginner throwers to avoid the low-speed fade.