Document White Plastic Cover Scanner Glass In the ADF unit, clean the white plastic bar and the scanner glass strip under it with isopropyl alcohol on a lint-free cloth. Suitable for copying photographs. TN on page Pull the jammed document out to the left. Cautions specify procedures you must follow or avoid to prevent possible damage to the DCP or other objects.

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Chapter 6 Paper jams To clear paper jams, please follow the steps in this section.

What paper can I use? Plus, a single-sheet manual bypass for envelopes, labels or other types of media. If you are using the scanner glass: The DCP does not feed paper from the manual feed slot.

Chapter 2 Setting the Beeper Volume You can change the beeper volume. Chapter 6 Install the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly in the DCP. If you put it in properly, the lock lever will lift automatically.

You can even make copies without the use of a computer! Chapter 1 Using the scanner glass You can use the scanner glass to copy or scan pages of a book or one page at a time.

The LCD will then show the next menu level. Main Bfother Fast copying and printing.


Brother Dc High Voltage Power Supply Board Mph – Pcph Good Working | eBay

So please be careful. Paper Type Setup 2. Don’t have an account? Maximum capacity based on using brotner lb paper. Features a sheet paper tray adjustable for letter or legal size paper.

Brother Dc7020 High Voltage Power Supply Board Mph3271 – Pcph0396 Good Working

Black Copy Speed max. See Shipping Policy for details and conditions. Gently clean the laser scanner window by wiping it with a clean soft, dry, lint-free cloth. Using the Temporary Copy keys When you want to quickly change the copy settings temporarily for the next copy, use the Temporary Copy keys.

You can choose how long the DCP is idle from 00 to 99 minutes before it goes into sleep mode. Since your programming is done on the LCD, we have created step-by-step on-screen instructions to help you program your DCP. Important Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Brother Industries, Ltd. How to load paper To load paper or other media in the ddc7020 tray Pull the paper tray completely out of the DCP. Cautions specify procedures you must follow rc7020 avoid to prevent possible brotehr to the DCP or other objects.


Local Language Canada only 2. Maximum number of printed pages per month and can be used to compare designed durability between like Brother products. Changing the temporary copy settings Use the Options key to quickly set the following copy settings temporarily for the next copy. Page 47 Paper is jammed inside the vrother unit and toner cartridge assembly Open the front cover.

For transparency or label, we recommend removing printed pages from the output paper tray immediately after they exit the DCP to avoid the possibility of smudging. If the brothef paper cannot be pulled out easily, push down on the blue tab with one hand as you gently pull out the paper with the other hand.

If you want to print a poster, use the scanner glass.

Pull out the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly. Drum Life Note The factory settings are shown in Bold.