The dialing number would be for CDMA connections. You may have to used an ethernet connection to download the packages and install automatically via Ubuntu Software Center or download. Then I installed Ubuntu Just use NetworkManager for the purpose. WvDial If you still have problems, send mail to.

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How to Install BSNL EVDO in Ubuntu / Mint in 3 Minutes

Given the eveo and virus-free environment offered by Linux distributions, many users are switching to Linux from Windows these days. Ramkumar August 21, at 8: I am quite sure that something is limiting the connection speed. Post as a guest Name. Let us know through comments.

My experiments with Linux: Configuring BSNL EVDO CAPITEL 3G USB Modem on Ubuntu Lucid

However, the problem is,speed is only kbps. And also, the hack mentioned in the last comment there, didnt help me. I donno about the password thing, it is my friends BSNL evdo card, i was playing with and he gave me two numbers, which I almost memorized due to multiple trial and errors on a sunday to make it workBtw, I tried in Fedora 13 to check if it detects the card automatically, but nope, it does not.

I use this blog as an opportunity to share my experience with anyone who wishes to do the same with Ubuntu. How do I insert that?


In most cases, this step should automatically happen. Oh this is straightforward, press connect button and press the log button to see what is happening.

Apart from these values, add a line which is very important. Setting up the BSNL modem using Network Manager may be straightforward but trying installing the driver software that comes with D Link 3G modem is a bit lengthy you need Qt installed for the gui to run and it is a bit more involved process.

ScorpFromHell May 26, at 5: Mathew Simonds March 5, at 8: Then I installed Ubuntu The limitation here is you will not be able to see if the bsn is successful or not without going to browser.

You should press your thumb on the flat region, with screws facing sky, usb tip facing you, thumb facing against your body. And sorry to tell, here is the finish of the blog and I can’t be of much help as I am not permanent owner of this evdo modem and my neighbour is not a geek to answer your queries.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Check if your modem is configured as a modem instead of a storage device using dmesg. Waiting for more posts, is there a way to subscribe to your blog via email?


Run the command first with the modem unplugged, and then with modem plugged in. We are ready with tools necessary to switch usb from storage to serial mode.

Step-by-Step Guide for Configuring USB Modem on Ubuntu

Compare the output in both the cases; whichever new entry appears in the list is of your modem. Once you click that, you will see vsnl screen which will show your device name. Try connecting using network manager, networkmanager if connected will display tower strength.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Save and exit the wvdial.

Step-by-Step Guide for Configuring USB Modem on Ubuntu

By default Linux restricts normal users from dialing up for Internet connection. Sankaran Raman May 26, at Satheesh Kumar September 30, at 4: Everything works fine till Step 6-ish. Anonymous Thursday, August 29, at Sankaran Raman August 5, at