I am purchasing a swingweight scale and some lead tape and going for it. Choosing the Right Swing Plane September 7, Never having heard the term he wanted to know what it was and how it affected his game. Players with low golf handicaps and professionals have high swingweight speed, more control over the movements of the club, and a more acute sense of feel for the clubhead. Everyone is different though.

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Or is it purely a matter of feel and how you hit a particular club?

Understanding Swingweight Specs | franklygolf

ChromeSoft “Have you Seemored today? I’m looking forward swingweifht getting out on the course with the new uniform weight. Counterweighting – putting weights in the butt or upper shaft of the club – can end up giving really low swingweights because the balance has shifted to the grip end of the club.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Here’s a little update to my swingweighted set.

Swingweight Question? what’s yours? – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

I’ll add that when using lightweight shafts, such as a driver with a 60 gram shaft, the swingweight number is often increased. However now take the lead tape and the same iron and add weight to the grip and swing it. So I have noticed the trend of tapering the swingweight. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. If you use an ultralight shaft and an ultralight grip the swingweight will increase. Swingweighg weight Just got my driver and 3 wood.


Measurements range from A0, the lightest, to G10, the heaviest. All times are GMT The time now is They couldn’t do c7 since the shaft was lighter than beforeso the invoice said “light as we could make them. I received my scale in the mail yesterday thanks Masse and decided to throw my clubs on there and see where everything was at. Then remove it and add it to the head and swing it.

Conversely, take the same club and shorten it by one-half inch and the swingweight drops from D10 to D7. No matter where you add the lead tape to, the actual weight of the club will be same weight in grams. Originally Posted by kasuya Brian Peck 27 years old. Like a little more weight in the head it helps feel the club through the short pitches.

Importance of Swingweight Everyone has a swingweight at which they play their best. As a fitter, I agree with your last paragraph completely.

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Originally Posted by MikeT. The glove only weighs 20 grams. I’m also just wondering just how light a stock golf club can be made in relation to total weight.

Making Sense of Swingweight

Already have an account? Take a 6 iron. Wanna get rid of this ugly yellow box?

He had read one of my golf tips in which I mentioned dwingweight and it sparked his interest. I could actually feel the head opening and closing with every swing. Less weight produces longer, more accurate shots for golfers with high and middle golf handicaps.

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Not exactly, but close. Posted April 16,