You will find mounting location 1 Channel 1 at the center of the PC-board and mounting location 2 Channel 2 at the edge of the PC-board. Connect both ends of the fiber with one fiber coupler to a ring and check if the program displays the status Lock. Intrepid logging capabilities are a big plus. The following nodes are available in the left window: They do offer higher end software, with various options as well, but they are fairly costly.

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Insert the replacement Piggyback.

Cancasel screws should be secure but not excessively tight. Generating time stamps Each event which is sent or received by a Vector network interface has an accurate time stamp.

This impairs accuracy of the time system. If two different voltage supplies are being used for logger and test equipment, the ground GND pins of the two voltage supplies must be connected.

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Vector CANcaseXL User manual |

Check the System Requirements To install a hardware support package, you must have a supported product release, along with the required operating system and base product. Please loosen the cancassexl screw including the retainer and carefully remove the Piggyback from the mounting location.


Then the main board is inserted into the upper guide rails with the Piggybacks facing upward. Connect two CAN channels with a suitable cable. Step-by-step vsctor provide assistance at these points.

Vector CANcaseXL Manuals

Style Utilization bold Blocks, surface elements, window- and dialog names of the software. X-Analyzer from Warwick Control http: Close the housing by applying light pressure, and then secure it with the appropriate screw fasteners.

At each falling edge on the sync line which is initiated by the application, the Vector network interface cancxsexl a time stamp that is provided to the application. Request new hardware support. The setting of the software time synchronization can be changed in the Vector Hardware Config tool in General information Settings Software time synchronization.


View the hardware support package system requirements table and confirm you have:. Independent time stamps drift apart. Please also attach the two black decorative caps.

We are grateful for references to mistakes or for suggestions for improvement to be cancaseexl to offer you even more efficient products in the future.


Continue with the Installation After confirming you have the system cahcasexl, proceed with either installation option listed below. Common time stamp clock for each channel. A detailed instruction is delivered with the kit.

Vector CANcaseXL Manual

Step-by-step instructions provide assistance at these points. If you do not have a supported release or the required base products, you can get started with a free trialor you can purchase products. Err Meaning Active if messages are being received.

The test procedure can be terminated veftor the [Stop] button. Software from Intrepid is not as intuitive as Vector but a lot less pricey.

The initialization process starts. There are also several settings that can be changed. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Information on the driver installation process can be found in the separate installation instructions at the end of this manual.

Another minus is the software robustness to bus failures short circuits, open, ….