System Requirements The following are the minimum system requirements to install and run Microsoft NetMeeting. Using your PC and the Internet, you can now hold face-to-face conversations with friends and family, and collaborate with co-workers around the world. During the composition, other messages can get posted to the chat that make your message seem out of context by the time it appears. From George Jetson to Star Trek, real-time voice and video transmission looked like the natural next step in personal communication. Common Whiteboard Support Common whiteboard support is a paint-like application that supports multiple authors simultaneously over the network. You can enable and disable video and audio on the fly by clicking check boxes.

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Some activities cause large amounts of data to be sent between the computers in your meeting for example, using audio and sharing several programs while transferring a large file.

Microsoft’s NetMeeting | Dr Dobb’s

You can also use the video conferencing capability to take a snapshot with your video camera and place the image on the whiteboard for discussion or markup. There are a few problems with audio: When one person in a meeting runs Whiteboard, it appears on everyone’s screen. As I mentioned earlier, investigate alternate input devices to get much mileage out of it, but the whiteboard is a universal staple of design meetings.

Sharing design and development tools during discussions is another possibility.

How To Use NetMeeting To Host a PowerPoint Presentation Meeting

I often have trouble connecting, and when I do, I see one of the dark underbellies of the Internet: This option is not enabled by default. With a sound card, microphone, and speakers, NetMeeting lets you talk to business associates over the Internet or corporate intranet in real-time. You can take control back quickly and easily. Searching our resource database to find your matches NetMeeting does not run properly from one default installation directory for multiple boot computers.


Get NetMeeting Please note: When one person in a meeting runs Chat, a chat window appears on everyone’s screen if they are using NetMeeting 3. As you flip through slides every member of your audience will see the same flips. If your video is connected using the MXC connection, the camera input is used for audio.

Videoconference via Netmeeting

I could not cpature anything, though others could hear me. Once a person has been accepted they will see a new window on their screen showing the same thing that your PowerPoint window is showing. Your results will vary depending on the camera, processor speed, and connection speed of your computer.

NetMeeting works best with a fast Internet connection, such as a 56 kilobytes per second Kbps or faster modem, or a local area network LAN. To undo sharing in this situation, open a Windows Explorer window again, and unshare it. Download the latest issue today.

Thank you for your patience. You will encounter a slight Internet delay even if you have high bandwidthwhich has to do with routing.

Dobb’s Jolt Awards After someone finishes speaking, there is the normal short pause while everyone figures out that person is done, and then the next speaker starts to speak tentatively, listening for someone netmeetjng to speak as he starts.

Cameras that have a video-capture card use less of your computer’s processing resources than cameras that connect through your computer’s parallel port.


This feature gives you the flexibility to send a mail message to a NetMeeting user or initiate a NetMeeting call directly from your mail address book.

If you are having problems with your audio quality or sound card when using NetMeeting, the problems could be related to your hardware configuration capturs driver installation.

If your video device is not properly uninstalled and you have enabled video in NetMeeting, the remaining camera software may warn you repeatedly that it cannot find the camera. Java Basics, Part 1 Java is a high-level programming language.

netmeetng If you use User Profiles for multiple users to maintain your Windows preferences on all the computers on a network, you might have to run the Audio Tuning Wizard again when you switch computers. When people want to join the meeting to see your PowerPoint presentation they first need to know the name of the computer you’re running NetMeeting on. There are knowledge-base articles at the Microsoft web site that discuss the problems and their solutions in detail.

File transfer lets you send one or more files in the background during a NetMeeting conference.

NetMeeting provides powerful conferencing and collaboration functions in a complete, integrated package for the Internet or corporate intranet.