Show only see all. A new generation of handheld terminal has been developed. Should the battery be swallowed, immediately consult a doctor. Do not leave this terminal unused for an extended period of time with the battery installed. This is also pressed to cancel a full reset. Power is ON but the terminal is not mounted on the charger.

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Wireless LAN operation This can minimize overly discharging the DTBAT battery and minimize consumption of the memory backup battery. This is the base when using the Bridge Satellite Cradle in a desktop configuration.

Casio DT-X10M10E Manuals

Delivery options see all. For connection to a computer or other device using a USB cable.

The multitouch optimized surface preserves the original touch experience of your device. Do not force it into the DT-X This port transfers data with the Handheld Terminal IR port non-contact data communication. The new settings do not go into effect until the power switch is turned off and then back on again. Including multilingual, illustrated instructions and link to the mounting video shipped and sold by FoliX – Original and directly from the manufacturer!

Barcode Scanner PDA Casio Dt-x10m10e Dt-x10 Laser Scanning Handheld Terminal

Covers the compartment that holds the battery pack. Do not bring the power cable close to heating equipment such as stove. If the protection means incorporated in the battery pack is damaged, the battery pack may be charged with an excessive current or voltage, or have abnormal chemical reactions induced to cause it to become hot, smoke, explode, or ignite.


The numbers from 10 to 14 represent a manufacturing reference casik is reserved by the manufacturer.

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If this is done, the battery pack may be broken or deformed resulting in a short circuit and causing it to become hot, smoke, explode, or ignite.

For Casio Filter applied. If an AC adaptor that is not specified is used, the battery pack may explode, causing a fire or personal injury.

Multi-step bar code read function. They can be used to select items, scroll screen contents, etc. The smooth surface of the protector ensures a dt-x1m10e touch sensation. The film surface can easily be cleaned in most cases with a dry cloth.

Or, the protection means may be damaged and the battery may be charged with an excessive caasio or voltage, or have abnormal chemical reactions induced to cause it to become hot, smoke, explode, or ignite. Running under Microsoft Windows CE. Print Contrast Signal See note 1 Left: The matte surface reduces light and sun reflections on your screen. This also occurs when this terminal malfunctions or is repaired.


Lithium-ion battery DTBAT 1 week pack Under conditions with room temperature and Memory backup by 10 minutes for data in RAM memory backup battery fully charged only Lithium secondary 2 weeks for built-in clock See note 4.

Makes effective csaio of.

The insulation may be damaged or the gas exhaust valve or safety mechanism may be damaged, causing the battery pack to become hot, smoke, explode, or ignite.

CLR key Press to clear all key inputs. August Table of Contents Chapter 1 1. Function keys These keys can be assigned any function other than bar code reading. Remove the desktop unit in the case of a wall-mount configuration. Otherwise, the battery pack may casoi short-circuited resulting in an excessive current and causing the battery to become hot, smoke, explode, or catch fire.

Other DIP switch settings are used for testing and inspection purposes Because of vt-x10m10e, you must not use any DIP settings other than those described above.